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Zak Karsan of Vault America in the NEWS

Zak Karsan started his Cloud storage company back in 2004 and is based in Boston. The company is focused on the channel, helping partners from the break-fix model to monthly recurring revenues.
“We provide storage for the small to mid-size business where they need backup and ability to restore files. We do not provide fail backup capability like others but provide a business-class solution that allows you to select the data you want and compress it offsite”, said Zak

The solution complements partners who already use a fail-over type vendor but also need a file-base cloud backup recovery with archiving components as well as file syncing share.
All usage-based cost.  Bill on compressed size of the data.  VARs can white-label the solution and allocate the gigabytes to whatever customers they want through a very simple management portal.  Margins range from 50 to 100% margins.

Listen to the podcast interview here