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Working Backwards From Your Goal To Get Ahead

It is always interesting when you sit with a group of sales people and the subject turns to sports. No matter what the sport, there is the inevitable talk of the leaders and their potential accomplishments over the course of the season.

When it comes to individual athletes, the talk turns to their numbers, total goals, batting average, number of at bats, plus/minus averages, number of times striking out with men at second, short handed or power play goals, home average vs. road average, and so on. The athlete’s numbers are dissected and analyzed from all angles, usually in connection with a pool or a wager.

Yet often when you ask the same sales professional what their numbers are, they usually tell you their goal, where they are vis-à-vis their goal, perhaps how many sales they have that month, how many accounts they currently have, but usually not much more. But like athletes, sales professionals need to track much more if they want to consistently outperform. How many at bats? Or better yet how many appointments did you have this year, and how is that versus last year? Is that number of appointments adequate to get you to your goal?

To properly answer that, it is necessary to break down your goals to understand the level of activity needed to achieve it. Somewhat like working on your batting average and number of hits. To accomplish this you need to track a number of things, and then work backwards from your goal.

Three things are a must:

1. The average length of your sales cycle

2. The average size a sale

3. The number of meetings (appointments if you will) during that sales cycle to close the sale.

Your sales team needs to start this number-crunching conversation. Either you do this or get a professional coach to help you.

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