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Why Vendor Awards Matter To VARs and MSPs?

Awards like the Canadian Reseller Choice Awards can give VARs and MSPs a way to gauge how vendors are doing in the eyes of the channel. The voting is done exclusively by the VARs and MSPs so it is a pure reflection of what the channel thinks. How you would have voted in comparison to the results? What do others know that you do not know? It should give you some food for thought.

Click here to see the results of the 2014 Reseller Choice Awards!

Some categories had over 50 Vendors ranked. What makes a vendor # 1 or # 2 or #3? You could guess, but you may want to start by comparing your favorite vendor in each category to see how they fared. Were some vendors ranked higher than your favorite? Maybe you should look at some of the other vendors differently. Maybe you can find a new and better vendor.

Also remember that vendors do change. The biggest stories for us are in their movement up or down as compared year over year. It paints a picture of how the vendors are evolving within the channel.

If a vendor gets into the top 3 spots, it is a good indication that they have something of great value to offer the channel. It also means that they take the channel seriously and invest the resources necessary to service the needs of the VARs and MSPs.

VARs and MSPs should also take a moment to send an e-mail or comment on the vendor’s LinkedIn – just say congratulations. You do get something in return when you acknowledge or recognize others for a job well done. Too often, we are all so busy working in our businesses that we forget that relationships with people really matters. Go ahead and make the day of a vendor with a simple “like”! It will at least make you feel good that you made someone else feel good!

Finally, try to leverage the Awards in your marketing and sales conversations with your clients. They may not even know what the industry award is about, but everyone knows when you win an award of any kind, it adds some credibility. It says you sell the best of the best.

Please do not forget to vote for your favorite vendors this year starting November 1st, 2015!