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Why should MSPs and VARs get a company Video?

Tell an exciting story of your company through video by posting it on your web site! It’s much more effective than just written words and pictures on your web site!

Videos are everywhere on the Internet. Actually since TV and movies are also watched on the Internet, it seems likely that 90% of all Internet traffic will eventually be all about video content streaming.

Since we added ecnTV.tv video streaming seven years ago, we have seen hits well over 2,000% on video content when compared to the traditional written news articles. More importantly, we can now tell how long the viewers watched the video whereas we cannot say if a reader actually read the entire article.

Getting your message seen is quite different from getting your message understood! This is where Video has the clear advantage. With the right editing of video footage, images, people and music you can create a powerful way to convey a message over the Internet 24/7, 365 days a year.

However, not just any video will do. The video has to be properly edited to ensure an effective delivery of your message. Too short and your message can be incomplete. Too long and you risk boring the viewer. You need to pull together the best and most comprehensive video content then edit it in a way that appeals to the viewer. Movie industry experts say that editing can make or break a movie. It is now common for movies to have various edited versions that are used to test the audience’s reaction before it is finally released. Most companies test several versions of their TV commercials on YouTube before it runs on TV. The IT Industry can learn from this and put Internet video to work for them.

Resellers should first consider doing a company promotional video to capture the value and spirit of their business. Combine video footage from key staff, facility tours, certifications highlights (with vendor comments), customer testimonials and much more. Done right, a video can help your customers and prospects to better understand who you are, what you do and why they should do business with you, in under 2 minutes.

You do not have to stop there. Develop separate video clips to overview specific business problems that you can help solve with IT solutions and add customer testimonials of successful results. You are only limited by your imagination as to how you can leverage video to effectively promote your business. Why not create a monthly video to deliver the latest technology news to your clients? Since videos can be hosted at super fast streaming servers, any reseller can easily plug-in video content on their web sites with no performance issues.

Vendors can also leverage videos to communicate with their channel. Vendors can produce video clips to present new products, channel programs, promotions and showcase testimonials. Include video interviews from many people within the company (from the actual programmers to the CEO). Vendors can showcase VAR partners in their success stories. Introduce new reseller reps and support staff.

With just a little more effort, some video clips can also be reedited to allow their partners to pass-on an effective message about their product to the end-users!

Video content can be leveraged in so many ways. Play them during your trade shows. Include video links to new prospects. Post on your web site. Post on popular FREE video viewing services like YouTube. People can instantly forward your video link to colleagues. People may not have time to talk with you or answer your e-mails, but they could easily watch a one-minute video to understand your message. Video content can keep-on being effective for months and even years!

After you have done some research and brainstorming of your own, the advantages of using video on the Internet will become very clear. The bottom line is that video is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate on the Internet.

So how do you get started? Should you just pick up a camera and just start taping or buy some video editing software to do it yourself? Well you can, if you have the time and talent to do it right. However, it may not be as easy as you think. There is huge difference between looking home grown and business professional. You must think about your corporate image.

If you need help in producing your video content, there are professionals like VAR Office Suite’s ecnTV crew to help you with concept, direction, shooting, editing and hosting. Regardless of the route you choose, your end result should be a high-quality professional video content to deliver your message right.

Check out some IT industry video clips at www.ecntv.tv. If you like, you may embed or edit them into your marketing materials or web site to present to your clients. Many vendors also have video clips posted on their web sites so consider using some of their footage as well.