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Why Channel Should Sell VoIP – View on-demand Webinar

If you missed the recent webinar featuring Scott Seltzer, a 25 + year veteran in the telephony industry who truly understands how MSPs and VARs can build sustainable and predictable recurring revenue from selling VoIP, then this is your chance to access the session!

Simply register to instantly view the recorded webinar. It’s free and we will follow up to explore how/if we can be a part of your VoIP plans in 2017.

Scott Seltzer talked about leading in with VoIP to open up new sales opportunities with prospects. Every business uses telephones and migrating to a Cloud VoIP solution is the obvious next step. It’s also an opportunity to replace older VoIP systems with new feature-rich and more reliable solutions.

“If you are not offering VoIP, then your competitor will”, said Seltzer. “If you leave the door open to your competitor, then you are risking the account being penetrated beyond VoIP to other IT services that you may be providing”.

VoIP is also a highly profitable recurring revenue opportunity on many levels. See the full presentation to get a deeper dive into the potential. Scott Seltzer also outlined several criteria for deciding which VoIP vendor to choose. Not every VoIP provider is created equal or channel-friendly. You will want to do your proper research to select the right partner to ensure that you get your fair share of the revenue for the life of the customer as well as high reliability and support.

We also learned about some rich features like SMS (texting) to phone, integration with CRM, advanced routing, whispering and so much more. Truly amazing what the latest VoIP solutions offer today. One must-have feature that stood out was the need for a user-friendly Cloud interface to allow the user to tweak the solution to meet their specific needs.

If you are looking for outstanding recurring revenue opportunities or thinking of offering VoIP to your clients, then this 30-minute presentation is worth to watch. If you already offer VoIP or looking for channel-friendly, right-fit solution for your SMB customers, then why not check out ConnectMeVoice.

This year VoIP-as-a-Service is one of our targeted recurring revenue opportunities that we are promoting to the channel. We are in the middle of a survey in the channel revolving VoIP. We only have preliminary data at this point, but so far it seems like there is a lot of room for the channel to embrace more VoIP and there is optimistic growth for those who already sell VoIP. We also found that many channel partners outsourced their VoIP deals to a third-party instead of doing it in-house. We are hoping that by the end of this year, we would have motivated more channel partners to add VoIP-as-a-Service to their recurring revenue business.

What are you doing in VoIP?