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Why a Republican boycott could be a winner for Coke

By Marc Gordon

Coca Cola has publicly criticized a Georgia bill that, among other things, reduces the window for voters to request mail ballots, tightens voter ID requirements, and bans handing out food and water within 150 feet of a polling station.

Many politicians and social organizations view these laws as an effort to suppress voters in predominantly Black communities that voted for Joe Biden.

Coca-Cola openly condemned the law, calling it “unacceptable” and a “step backwards.”

In response, Georgia Republicans along with former President Donald Trump are calling for the boycott of Coke, which is based in Atlanta, and have requested that all Coca Cola products be removed from their offices.
“This could become a win for Coke,” says customer experience expert Marc Gordon. “With the heightened awareness of social equality, you may see people reaching for a Coke just to make a statement.”

Marc believes that many brands have evolved beyond the point of simply being products. “Brands have become extensions of ourselves, reflecting our beliefs and values. Should a brand be associated with a cause that is reflective of those beliefs and values, people will naturally be supportive of it with their wallets.”

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