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Who are Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies?

It was an absolute pleasure to recognize and congratulate some of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies at our first awards ceremony in London on September 27, 2016. A great black-tie evening of fantastic food, champagne and socializing! As many companies found out, it was not so easy to win this award. You had to go through the process of completing the 200-question test. Then the responses were reviewed and scored to the best practices. The assessment is free and so is the report!

It was never about the award, although winning one can give your company and its employees a boost in image through the eyes of the end-customers as well as suppliers. It will also be a great moral-booster for your employees, as they get recognized for a job well done. Everyone wants to work with the best company!

Doing the online business assessment can be at your pace. As a matter of fact, you can take as much time as you wish to complete the process. That said, if you wanted to receive a physical award, you had to have completed the test by September 17th. However, you still have up until December 31, 2016 to complete the test to be considered for one of Britain’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies 2016. After this date, we switch to 2017. Dates for next year will be posted on January 1st, 2017. See www.bestmanageditcompanies.co.uk.

Taking this assessment every year will allow you to benchmark your business year over year. A great way to independently measure your improvements! Eventually, you may become one of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies! If you score high enough, you may even be recognized as a global 50 Best Managed IT Companies.

Award or no award, you still want to manage your business well and the only way to know what you do not know, is to get some way of testing your best practices. Once you get your confidential report, you can seek the help you need. If you would like us to help you find the right business coaches and tools to help you improve, ask us for a recommendation. We work with the very best business coaches who understand the channel business and the best tools that successful VARs and MSPs currently use to run their companies successfully. There is no cost for any referrals!

We believe the future belongs to the ITSPs, VARs and MSPs who manage their businesses the best. It streamlines your operations and maximizes your profitability, but it does so much more. You attract the best employees. You attract more clients. You attract more support from suppliers. Smart leaders understand the importance of best practices.

The awards ceremony was the highlight of our 2-day VARTrends conference where delegates received over 10 hours of business content, including 3 hours from a digital marketing expert Grant Leboff, who helped them to exploit the Internet to drive business (I must say that I was impressed by his content and delivery of a 3-hour workshop!).

I would also like to thank the Judges and Coaches for their support and input: Alex Tatham, Richard Tubb, Stewart Boutcher, Adam Harris, Paul Fileman, Randal Wark and Rick McCutcheon. Learn more about these brilliant channel leaders!

Congratulations to all those who won an award and for all those who participated! Good luck for 2017!

Here are some pictures of the awards gala and some of the winners of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies 2016.

Left to right: Julian Lee, Matt Torrens, Sprout IT and Paul Fileman

Left to right: Leon McQuade, Scott Clark, Virtual Networking

Left to right: Julian Lee, Richard Smith, Basic Business Systems