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What’s in your New Year’s resolution?

Hopefully your New Year’s resolution includes being healthier and happier as in the end this is what really matters. On the prosperous side, typically I hear general goals like “grow my business” or “make more money”. Maybe you can consider making a simple resolution to improve your business every day in small steps. An improved business will eventually yield to more growth and more money.

Each year we do a comprehensive review of our business and we literally run through every sector of operations and adjust plans. It is a big exercise but we try to make it fun. All ideas and suggestions are put on the table for consideration. We do lots of brainstorming and team building activities. We also help every employee to set personal goals within the organization. We find that the best results happen when the goals of the company are aligned with those of its employees. I should also mention that we are always reviewing and adjusting or plans throughout the year. It has become part of our business culture.

Here are a few things that business owners should include in their list of things to do for the New Year:

1. Is everyone in my team up to speed on my business vision for the New Year?
2. What can I do to help my team achieve the goals that I have set for them?
3. Are my business processes effective and efficient? Where can I automate and improve?
4. How will I build stronger relationships with my current customers?
5. How will I attract new customers?
6. Is my product mix weak in some areas? Which vendors can I add to fill the gaps?
7. Where did I make the most profits from last year? What products? Services? Clients? What should I focus on in the New Year?
8. Where did I loose last year? What products? Services? Clients? Where should I cut this year?
9. Is my team motivated?
10. Am I managing and leading my team correctly?

Asking yourself questions like these may help you to make better plans for the New Year and more importantly, help you to develop the right action plans to execute. No New Year’s resolution is worth anything if you do not execute well.

We all know that the majority of New Year’s resolutions will not be achieved. Unfortunately, most business owners will get back into their busy-mode and time will evaporate. There is no magic bullet to solve this problem. However, we suggest that you carve out some time to spend working ON your business instead of just IN your business. Please keep an eye on the information coming from VARCoach and explore some of the tools and services of VAR Office Suite. These resources can be your go-to support group to help you improve your business in the New Year.

We wish you great success for the new year!