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What if you could increase your sales by 50%, motivate and attract the best employees and build a bigger, better and stronger company?

What if you could achieve most of this on your own with just a simple road map. The first question that you must answer truthfully is… “What are my actual business strengths and weaknesses?” If you already know the answer, then you should be able to figure out the road map to improve your business. If you do not know the answer to this question, then how would you know what to fix?

So, how can you know what you do not know? Well, you could spend some bucks to hire business experts to help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses, or you can take the free best-practice business assessment test at Best Managed IT Companies. It was designed exclusively for IT VARs, MSPs and ITSPs.

When you take this business practice assessment test, you will be scored based on your answers to the questions. You will get a simple report card to help you gauge your business practices in each area. GREEN = Great, YELLOW = Can be better, RED = Needs Fixing. With this simple report in your hands, the next steps will become clearer.

“You will discover your strengths through understanding and conquering your weaknesses!”

If you are not sure that you can take on this challenge alone, then connect with a business coach in your area through VARCoach. It’s a free referral or you could join a group of your peers at VARMasterMind, or simply find a qualified coach in your community.

While you are improving your weaker business practices, you will start to see your company flourish in ways that you only imagined. You will also notice a change in your staff as they participate in the process of building a bigger, better and stronger company. People really love to be part of a project that is bigger than themselves. It will motivate them!

“Many companies who completed the assessment test told me that they were able to improve many things in their company without the help of any business coach! It seems that when you start asking the right questions to your team, some of the solutions become apparent. Never underestimate the power of group-brainstorming!”

How can you top this?

If you score high enough, you may win a “Best Managed IT Companies” Award (Currently offered in US, UK and Canada with more countries being added every year)! This will validate your achievements and provide the recognition that you and your staff deserve! People prefer buying from companies that are well managed! People want to work for companies that are well managed!

Start having fun building your business bigger, better and stronger! Take the test. Get a free road map to improve. Fix one thing at a time. Start today!

The Canadian Best Managed IT Companies Award Gala will be held on February 2nd, 2017 in Toronto! Reserve your seat today!