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What does Google tell the World about your business?

A good first step to answer this question is to simply put your company name into Google search to see what comes back. Does it represent your company well? Is it what you want to present to your customers and prospects? Does it give the audience a good first impression about you? What other competitors appear besides your company? How does their information differ from yours?

Start drilling down the links to see what comes up. Review this information carefully and decide how it could affect your business.

Are your web properties providing your audience with the right content and is your navigation easy to use? Are you presenting all of the key messages that you want your audience to know about your business? Is there an easy way for your customers to engage with you? How does your web site look on a smart-phone? Can prospects easily find you on Google?

There are several web-site analytical tools that can generate a performance report on your web properties. The results may be enough to give you some guidance on what you need to improve. VAR Office Suite can do the analysis and provide you with report for $99.

You will want to ensure that the platform that you use for your web sites comes with an easy to use content management tool. The vast majority of your total cost will be spent on the ongoing maintenance of your web site so ensuring that this process is easy will save you a lot of cost and time. You will also want some good security protection and some SEO functionality.

Should your web site be a basic static showcase of who you are and what you do or should it present a deeper and wider image of your company? Should it allow your clients to buy or request a quote online? Should you sell IT services online? The platform that you choose will depend on how you answer these bigger questions.

One of the VAR Office Suite e-commerce tools can help you launch a great web presence to present who you are and what you do, including all of the services and solutions that you offer and all the products that you sell. It is also fully transactional and real-time integrated with major distributors.

The best VARs, MSPs and ITSPs have a web presence to match their success. Visit to your competitors’ web sites and see what they do. Invest some time and effort to evaluate your online presence and then decide what tools and services you need to help you improve.  Run the analysis before and after to demonstrate the new improvements.

There are several solutions on the market to help you build a great web site. It all depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you have to spend evaluating the options, creating the content and maintaining. It matters less on what you actually use for your web site and more on what it finally looks and feels like to your audience. Outsourcing your website can be tricky as you will also need to ensure that they know about your business and audience.

Our best advice is if you need a better web presence, then do not wait one more day to fix it. If you need help, then contact us because we truly understand all of the key components of successful web sites in the channel and can help you get to where you need to be – fast and cost-effectvely.

What’s on your website?


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