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What do your customers think of your web site?

If you feel that your current web presence is not presenting a good enough business image to your clients, then consider replacing with an ibiz10 front-end web site.

Within 24 hours your online image will be professional and it will send the right corporate image to your clients.

In today’s Internet World, your web site is one of your most valuable business assets. It is the first place that your potential customers will check out before doing business with your company. It is what people find in search engines. It is what Google presents about your company to everyone!

Should you not have the best possible web site to present a positive image to your customers?

Unfortunately, since most VARs, MSPs and ITSPs are simply too busy, it just gets procrastinated over and over. Some leave content that has not been updated in months and sometimes years. Many have broken links. Some do not even work in new browsers or mobile devices.

If you like, we can run an online assessment of your web site. It will score you based on a wide variety of best-practice functionality. Basically, it will give you a score for your web site in various areas of best-practce. Typically, the average score in the channel is running at 4 out of 10.

That said, it can be obvious to determine the overall effectiveness of a web site just from a brief browse-through.  It is not only about the look and feel, but it is also important for people to find what they want and easily engage with you. Is your contact form working and is it dumping all inquiries into a spam folder?

Your web site is literally the front door into your business. Make it look great and inviting for your customers to enter.

Today, you can fix this one problem with minimal effort from your side and you will immediately start to see the results and more importantly start reaping the big benefits.

See an example: ibiz10 Demo

Check out the ibiz10 web site benefits:

  • Fully branded with your logo, who you are, what you do and your contact information. Just provide content and we    do it for you.
  • Pre-populated with over 40 of the most popular Services and Cloud solutions.
  • Easily edit, add or delete any content based on your offerings, with no programming skills.
  • Add up to 12 banner ads/slides to showcase anything you wish.
  • Highlight any 6 of your favorite vendors brands.
  • Showcase up to 500 IT products and/or services that you want to sell.
  • Allow your customers to request a quote or buy your products and services online.
  • Add online chat (optional).
  • Punch out link to the web portal of any Cloud vendor.
  • Punch out link to your service ticketing system or use the one that is built-in.
  • Integrate with all of your social media assets.
  • Add the latest IT news.
  • Present your web site with a choice of English or French (Spanish can be added if you translate the content).
  • Offer subscription to your e-newsletter and extract e-mail lists to do e-broadcasts.
  • Contact us for more information at www.ibiz10.com.