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Virtual Networking get a 2016 Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies Award

As one of “The North of England’s most recommended IT Support Companies”, Virtual Networking decided to measure up their business practices with the Britain’s 50 Best Managed It Companies Test. They completed the 200 questions in about 12 areas of best practices.

“This test showed us exactly where we were lacking some skills and reinforced our effort to improve. We will continue to benchmark our practices to ensure we can be the best that we can be” Said Scott Clark of Virtual Networking.

The test is not about winning an award. It is about knowing what you do not know. When you go through the process of completing the 200 questions, you will better understand where you are already strong and where you need some improving. It may be the best time that you spend on growing your business. Use this knowledge to improve your company step by step. The test is free and the report is free as it is all part of the global mission of TechnoPlanet to help the channel to become bigger, better and stronger!

Julian Lee commented “This was our first award event in the UK and it was a great. We congratulate all the winners of Britain’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies award. As many companies who registered for the test now knows, it is not that easy to win this award. However, all do come away with some valuable intelligence as to how to improve their best practices. Mission accomplished!”.

From left to right: Leon McQuade, Julian Lee, Scott Clark