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Increasing Value Will Increase Your Revenues

In today’s market doing something extra to add value is an absolute. An increasing number of resellers have discovered a simple but, effective way to increase the value of their products and increase their revenue at the same time. This new trend finds resellers bundling cloud-based video training courses in with their hardware sales. 

Dirk Wittkowski, President of Tech Help Group, a New York managed service provider said, “We added Microsoft Office training from ej4 to all of the computers we install because it provides immediate 24/7 access for the user. The courses average 10 minutes and are easy to follow.  Furthermore, office workers can access these courses for one year for less than $20 per computer. This allow us to do something extra that makes our product offering more valuable.” Wittkowski also shared, “This approach generates an additional revenue stream. As the customer’s one year access to the training comes to a close, we simply contact them and ask if they wish to renew and almost all do because the service provides a real benefit . . . no one has to attend lengthy offsite Microsoft Office training.”

A number of VARs are reporting similar success. When people purchase a computer, scanner, printer or even a copier, they typically don’t expect to find something added that will improve their performance or increase their working knowledge. As a result, a loyal customer base is generated.

Michael Marjoram, Vice President of Carefree Office Products, a Washington D.C. based office equipment provider said, “When we install a new copier, customers are pleasantly surprised when we show them they have access to a complete library of short internet based business courses. Evidence indicates that soft skills are as vital as talent and technical know-how in driving performance and productivity. Furthermore customers share that on-line learning is an efficient way to improve the bottom line.”

Trevor Maunakea, Sales Director for Copiers Hawaii, the state’s largest Sharp dealer has been bundling the ej4 performance enhancement solution for almost two years.  Maunakea shares, “We bundle ej4 with every copier and flat screen device that is sold. During the installation, our technicians show the customer how simple it is to access the video courses either on the computer, tablet or smartphone. I have had customers point out how these courses have helped their personnel improve how they do their jobs. As a result, we gain more revenue with add-on sales and most importantly it gives us a virtual lock on the account. The solution increases employee knowledge which increases customer profits. And for us, this is an advantage the competition does not offer.”

Making customers more profitable, what a novel idea!

Part of the VAR Office Suite mission is to equip VARs and MSPs with tools that can add significant value to their customer’s relationship. This is moving beyond just delivering the right solution to meet the customer’s needs. This takes it beyond to the next level of increasing their productivity and satisfaction levels. The more VARs move in this direction, the more likely  they are to “own” the customer relationship.

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