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VARCoach Mark Eydman Discusses Customer Experience and Loyalty

The “what and how” you cultivate and nurture the customer experience will most likely determine the level and quality of the customers’ loyalty to your company.

In this interview with Mark Eydman, I set out to uncover the fist layer in hacking and winning the loyalty game. I believe that Mark is one of the best Coaches on the topic of delivering the best customer experience. He is able to articulate the message very well as you will hear in my audio interview with him. His hands-on approach and calm coaching style is one of his best assets.

“It is actually is a very simple process to improving your customer’s experience and therefore their loyalty”, commented Mark Edyman.

Yet, many business leaders do not want to know what they do not know. Maybe because they are afraid of what they will find? It may be high time to dig deeper into to this important issue and fix it.

Why loyalty matters?

  1. They stay longer!
  2. They buy more!
  3. They tell great stories about you!

There are more reasons like the increased satisfaction levels of your staff and admiration by suppliers, but any one of these first three reasons is probably good enough. If you agree that customer loyalty matters to your business, then the next step is to know how to actually earn or improve your customers’ loyalty.

Start the process by simply listening to the 20 minute audio interview that I did with Mark.

Why not consider attending one of Mark’s free webinars or buy a ticket to attend a live bootcamp coming to a city near you in the UK. If you are ready to act now, then contract him directly to discuss your needs and explore how/if his coaching services may help you.

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Still not sure where to start or if any of this should matter to your business?

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