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VARCoach has been recognized as a top 20 blog for the IT Channel

We thank the blog researchers for selecting VARCoach and appreciate all the support and recognition on behalf of all of our expert channel contributors. Our mission continues to help the channel to become bigger, better and stronger through education with the right tools and services to get the job done. We are working very hard and it is a nice pleasure to stop for a bit to get a pat on the back from industry insiders.

“We scoured the blogosphere for the highest quality content, looking at factors such as the relevancy of the subject matter and the level of reader engagement, authorship credibility, including the amount of social shares, social activity, and the amount of reader commentary. Here’s a list of the top 20 blogs out there bringing tremendous value to channel partners, VARs, MSPs, and various other tech resellers.” Commented  Ruben Yonatan

Julian Lee, founder of VARCoach and other channel related businesses said “It is always great to be recognized for hard work and we appreciate the thumbs up. While VARs, MSPs and ITSPs will find the content to be valuable for their businesses, Vendors and Distributors can also benefit. Understanding the needs of the channel partners will help them to develop better relationships and partnerships. We encourage all Vendors and Distributors to pass-on the value of this resource by simply pointing them to it!”

We actually have four resources that we have developed to help VARs, MSPs and ITSPs who buy and sell technology solutions.

VAROfficeSuite is a comprehensive resource to find all of the tools and services that VARs, MSPs and ITSPs need to better streamline, manage and market their businesses. It features over thirty tools and services under 12 categories from the best-of-the-best independent vendors from around the World. If it helps the channel to run their business or transition their company into a recurring revenue model, you will find it here! Learn more at www.varofficesuite.com

VARCoach is the blog that features original educational content, tips and insights into building a bigger, better and stronger business. We are confident that if you read this blog regularly, then you will find more than just a few things to help you grow your business. We keep the sales pitches down to minimum and we turn up the volume on educational content that you can really use. Join the conversation on LinkedIN group “VARCOACH”. Visit www.varcoach.com or subscribe to our “One-Minute Update” weekly e-newsletter by simple sending your request by e-mail to varcoach@technoplanet.com

VARTrends are the face-to-face or virtual events where you get to learn, touch and explore all of the tools and services to run your business. These are 100% educational events! It is what you dreamed channel events should be. These events are held in 6 countries. See upcoming events at www.vartrends.com (a.k.a. www.msptrends.com)

VARMasterMind are like typical MasterMind groups but on “steroids”. The difference is in the expert coaches assigned to each group to help each member to get the job done right the first time, and as fast as possible. The mission is to help the members to grow their business by 30% within year one. We know that exchanging ideas with a group of your peers who has similar issues, but who do not compete directly with you, is one way to improve your business. Our expert coaches will fast-track the process. Learn more or apply www.varmastermind.com (Every applicant is interviewed live by a Coach to ensure the right fit).

Again, thanks for the recognition and we look forward to continuing our mission to help as many channel partners as we can!

VARCoach Team!