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VAR Office Suite – ERP Highlight

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to store and manage data from every stage of business, including:

  • Product planning, cost and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and payment

You could say that an ERP solution encompasses an entire business. However, many VARs think of their Accounting System as their “ERP” but it only handles a portion of the requirements – “Financial”.

Typically, a VAR will have GL, Inventory, A/R, A/P and maybe a Payroll module. The first step for any VAR is to ensure they have not outgrown their current accounting system. Upgrading to the latest version of the software is usually a good next step. If you are using a very basic system, maybe it is time to consider the benefits of switching to a more robust solution.

VARs have a choice of either adding more functionality to their accounting system through third-party apps or migrating to a more comprehensive ERP solution.

Based on some of the challenges we discovered from VARs, here are a few questions to help you explore your needs:

1)   Is your current system holding back your team back from doing their jobs or causing customer frustrations?

2)   Do you have the latest version and what functions are available in new version of your application that you may need?

3)   Is your team trained properly to use the system?

4)   Can your system easily exchange data with different systems like e-commerce, Service Automation and CRM platforms?

5)   Does your system offer convenient access through mobile devices?

6)   How will managed services be processed?

7)   How will recurring invoices and payments be managed?

8)   What resources are involved in upgrading or migrating?

9)   Should your application be in the Cloud?

10)   Do you have the proper backup of data and disaster, security and recovery?

11)    Can you get useful business intelligence from your system?

With the right ERP solution you can save a significant amount of time while improving performance on many levels. More importantly, it can help you get a competitive advantage. For example, the benefits of seamless integration with powerful tools like CRM can dramatically improve the performance of your company. As such, the end-result may justify the effort and cost to change.

We are not recommending any specific ERP brand, but we have seen HansaWorld’s ERP solution and it will get the job done for most VARs. In specific, the integrated CRM and the ability to run seamlessly on mobile devices are sure to increase your productivity. Most sophisticated ERP tools roughly do the same things so the key is to understand how tasks get done and how easy it is to use.

Is an ERP tool like HansaWorld right for your business? Is NetSuite, Dynamics, Sage, SAP or others better for you? We could never say yes or no until you go through the evaluation process. There are many white papers and tools available to help you research and formulate a decision, but even that does not really help. You should engage in some professional consultation services to ensure that your exact needs are met before you make the final decision.

A great side-benefit of using and mastering a World-Class ERP solution is that you will be in a better position to actually resell ERP to some of your SMB clients. It’s a lucrative market!

In case you are wondering, here is a comprehensive list of ERP companies:

Vendor Company Name Package
3i Infotech ORION Enterprise
3rd Dimension Systems Manufacturing Management
Abacus Data Systems ADAMS
ABBASOFT Technologies NetPartner & WebPartner
AccessIG Pro-III Master
AccountMate Software Corporation AccountMate for Express
AccountMate Software Corporation AccountMate for LAN
AccountMate Software Corporation AccountMate for SQL
AccountMate Software Corporation Visual AccountMate
Acero Solutions ACERO Enterprise
Activant Prelude
Activant Prophet 21
Adonix X3
Advanced Business Software ADaM
AIM Computer Solutions AIM Vision
American Software e-Intelliprise
AmericanERP Automated Formula/Food Processing(AFP)
Aria Systems ARIA Advantage Series
Avexus Impresa
Axis Computer Systems AXIOM
B&L Information Systems BLIS-400
BatchMaster Software BatchMaster Enterprise
Blue Link Associates Blue Link Elite
Bluebird Software LLC Bluebird Accounting
BMA Software BMA
Bowen & Groves M1
Cimnet Systems Paradigm
Cincom Systems CONTROL
CMS Software CMSi5
CompuEx CompuEx Easy Accounting
CompuEx CompuEx Express Accounting
CompuEx Enterprise Accounting
Computer Generated Solutions BlueCherry Enterprise
Computer Insights The BUSINESS EDGE
Consona DTR Plastics ERP
Consona Encompix
Consona Made2Manage
COSS Systems COSS Manufacturing
Cougar Mountain Software CMS Professional Accounting Software
Cougar Mountain Software Denali Premium Accounting
CRC Information Systems THE System
CSB-SYSTEM International CSB-System
Cubicorp,LLC Cubic ERP
CYMA Systems, Inc. CYMAIV Accounting for Windows
Datacom International dataSTOR
Datacor Chempax/CS
DataModes TM4
DBA Software DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation
Deacom,Inc. DEACOM
Discovery Solutions International Discovery Management Software
Electronics For Imaging EFI Print
EMR Innovations ProcessPro
Enhanced Systems & Services Finesse ERP
Enterprise Logix Logix
Epicor Software Corporation Epicor Financials Suite
Epicor Software Corporation iScala
Epicor Software Corporation Vantage
Epicor Software Corporation Vista
Eshbel Technologies, Ltd. Priority
ESI/Technologies Emis
Everest Software Solutions Everest Manufacturing Software
Exact e-Synergy
Exact Macola ES
Exact Macola Progression
Exact Software Alliance
Exact Software JobBOSS
Exact Software Macola ES
Exact Software MAX ERP
Execontrol Global Solutions EXEControl
Expandable Software Expandable
Foresight Software MXP
Freedom Applications A.M.M.O.
Friedman Corporation Frontier
General Data System ProfitTool
Gillani Endura iDistribute
Global Shop Solutions Global Shop
Glovia International glovia.com
HarrisData HarrisData ERP
Henning Industrial Software Visual EstiTrack
Horizon Software MRP Plus
IFS North America IFS Applications
IndustriOS Software IndustriOS
InfoPower International ERPDBO
Info-Power International ABW
Infor Global Solutions SyteLine
Infor Global Solutions Adage ERP
Infor Global Solutions Infor XA ERP
Infor Global Solutions SSA ERP LN
Infor Global Solutions SSA ERP LX
Infor Global Solutions System21 Aurora
Infor Global Solutions TRANS4M
Infor Global Solutions VISUAL Enterprise
Infor Global Solutions VISUAL Jobshop
Infor Global Solutions Baan
Infor Global Solutions Infor FMS (Financial Management System)
Ingenuity Software Corporation Ingenuity Business Suite
Innov8 Computer Solutions StepUp Accounting
Innovative Solutions International EnterVision
In-Style Software In-Style Software
Integrated Inventory Solutions inxsql
Integrated Systems Technology Intrust Win
International Business Systems IBS
InterNetworkX Systems ShopWorX ERP
Intertul Info.Net
Intuit Eclipse DMS
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
Intuit QuickBooks Online Edition
Intuit QuickBooks Premier Editions
Intuit QuickBooks Pro
Intuitive Manufactoring Systems Intuitive ERP
IQMS EnterpriseIQ
IT3 IT3 Workspace
Jaas Systems JAMS
JBM Logic INTEGRA e-business
Jobscope Business Solutions JOBSCOPE
JOMAR Softcorp International E+ebusiness Application Suite
Knovalent Knovalent Automotive
Lawson Software Lawson M3
Lawson Software M3 Enterprise Financial Management
Lawson Software S3 Enterprise Financial Management
ManEx Manex ERP
Manufactoring Advisors Catalyst Manufacturing
Manufactured & Distribution Systems Myte Myke
Manufacturing Action Group (MAGI) WinMAGI
Metalsoft FabriTrak
Micron Software Systems Hardgoods Distribution
Micron Software Systems HDX
Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics AX
Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics GP
Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics SL
Microsoft Business Solutions Small Business Manager
Minotaur Software, Ltd. Minotaur Business System
MISys MISys Manufacturing System
MSI International PowerShop ERP Software
MYOB AccountEdge
MYOB BusinessEssentials
MYOB Premier Accounting Small Business Suite
NetSuite, Inc. NetSuite
New Generation Computing Redhorse
Nexxlink Scoopsoft
OmegaCube Technologies PowerERP
Open Systems, Inc. TRAVERSE
Option Systems Limited STYLEman
Oracle Corporation JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & World
Oracle Corporation NetLedger
Oracle Corporation Oracle Financials (E-Business Suite)
Oracle Corporation PeopleSoft Enterprise
Parity Corporation ParityPro Food Enterprise
Passport Software PBS Manufacturing Series
Peartree Software MMS Suite
Peeriod Systems Corporation NetCycle
Pentagon 2000 Software Pentagon 2000
Plexus Systems Plexus Online
Pogressive Solutions Lumber Track
proALPHA Software Corporation proALPHA
Profit Solutions International Abaci
ProfitKey International Rapid Response Manufacturing
PRONTO North America PRONTO Xi
Qantel Technologies QMRP
Ramco Systems Corporation Ramco Applications
Red Wing Software TurningPoint
RES Software CBI
Ross Systems iRenaissance
Rover Data Systems Millennium III
Sage Software Accpac ERP
Sage Software BusinessVision
Sage Software BusinessWorks
Sage Software ePeachtree
Sage Software MAS 90
Sage Software MAS200
Sage Software MAS 500
Sage Software Peachtree
Sage Software PFW ERP
Sage Software Pro ERP
Sage Software Sage PFW
Sage Software Sage Pro
Sage Software Simply Accounting
Sage Software Timberline
SAP Business One
SAP mySAP All-in-One
SapphireOne Pty Ltd. SapphireOne
Sentai Software Trax
Seradex Seradex Manufacturing Software
Shoptech Software Corporation E2 Shop System
SoftBrands evolution
SoftBrands Fourth Shift Edition of SAP Business One
Softrak Systems, Inc. Adagio
Software 21 FlexGen 4 – AE
SouthWare Innovations, Inc. SouthWare Excellence Series™
Synergistic Software Solutions JobOps
Syspro Syspro ERP
Technology Group International Enterprise 21
The Fredrick Group TFG
TimberSoft Woodwork for Windows
TIW Technology shopLink
TIW Technology WorkShop
Trakware Systems TRAKware Software
TTW Incorporated WinMan
Tuppas Corporation Tuppas
Universal Business Systems Paper Master
User Solutions Resource Manager – DB
Vertical Systems Manufacturing Systems
VerticalSoft VerticalSoft 800 Series
Verticent ERP Plus Suite
Vicinity Manufacturing Vicinity
Visibility Corporation VISIBILITY.net
Vision ERP Group North America Caliach Vision
Visual 2000 International Visual 2000 IIS
Vormittag Associates, Inc S2K Enterprise
Vormittag Associates, Inc. System 2000
WorkWise TCM
Xdata Solutions GXD
Xperia Comprehensiv


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