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Two fundamental tools that every VAR needs

While VAR Office Suite touts the need for over 30 tools and services to make any VAR, MSP or ITSP successful, what are the two must-have fundamental tools?

First, if the VAR does not have a web presence that impresses their clients and prospects, then the damage done to the business can be significant and in many cases go unnoticed. Most VARs never monitor their web sites or tack visitors and most visitors will never tell the company about their bad experience.

Instead of just guessing what is best or just saying that it does not matter, why not simply make a good web site? We have seen countless hours wasted on subjective comments for web sites. There are some who likes a specific color. Some have strong opinions on the layout. Some will even argue about the contact information posted so as to prevent spamming. Yes, not putting your contact information may prevent spamming, but how will your clients contact you? Seems to be mostly a case of being too busy or procrastination until the perfect web site plan is produced.

Ask yourself… What is the real price of customers not doing business with me simply because my web site is poor? How many prospects went to a competitor who had a better web site? How can I really improve my web site? Do I even know the answer to these questions?

As “Caption Obvious” would say… “A bad web site leaves a bad image and a good web site leaves a good image. What image would you prefer to leave with your customers?” If by now, you do not believe that a web site is the single most important marketing tool of any company, then the point is simply mute. The bottom line is to get a good web site up instead of having an endless debate or waiting for the perfect plan that never seems to materialize.

You can use a number of web tools to get the job done. Some can be for free, like Word Press. This web site is created with Word Press and its great! However, the real cost is not in the actual web platform, but in the content and maintenance. Whatever you decide to do, please ensure that the content creation and its maintenance can be done easily as this is where 99% of your cost will come from.

One of the VAR Office Suite tools can help you to get a solid web site to look very professional. It comes pre-loaded with a wide variety of content that you can easily edit, add or delete to suite your needs. It allows you to showcase all of your services and link directly to Cloud-based applications in instant sign-up. It also allows you to showcase up to 500 of your key products that you want to sell and allow you to securely handle online transactions for your customers to buy. It is packed with tons of other features but more importantly, you can instantly and easily change any content in seconds – by yourself! See more at www.ibiz10.com

Your customers may complain about other things, but they will not be complaining about your web site. With a decent web site, you can easily take it to the next level by adding social media and some search engine marketing to generate more customers.

The second tool has to do with your sales and technical staff. They both need to change their conversations with their customers to generate more sales opportunities. They need conversations that will engage C-Level management, not just IT personnel. With the right type of conversation around assessments, risks and opportunities, combined with the right reports, your sales and technical team can become powerhouses to uncover much bigger sales opportunities.

Training your sales and technical staff to become professional IT consultants can generate a very tall order. It requires extensive experience and deep understanding of business processes as well as technologies. They need to be able to uncover IT risks and professionally present the right technology solutions to fix. They need to motivate the buyer to invest more money in technology to make their company more secure and competitive.

With one of the VAR Office Suite tools, you can empower your sales and technical staff to become professional IT Consultants. This process will take about 3 hours before they can be doing their first professional business assessment of a client. They will be able to quickly generate a professional report with their findings to present to their clients and motivate them to spend money to fix the problems. Each sales or technical rep can sign up independently for this tool. This same tool will allow your sales and technical reps to capture their own expertise to customize for their needs and types of clients. See more at www.fuseexpertise.com

While many other tools of VAR office Suite will help your business in other critical areas, think of your web presence and the consultation skills of your sales and technical reps as a good place to start. You will immediately see the positive impact on your business.

If you already have these two areas perfected in your business, then you can move on to the next areas to be fixed in your business and explore some of the other VAR Office Tools to get the job done. Remember that you can always request to take the VAR Business Health Test to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and get a roadmap to improve.