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Time to reflect and ponder the New Year

As we wind down this year, we will tone down the stream of content that we typically publish to help you build your business. Instead, we suggest that you review the 150 + articles that we have published over the past year. Chances are you will find at least few things that you can use to improve your business in the New Year (We are also taking some time off with family and friends so we will not be around to write more articles :o)) We will be back in full swing for the New Year!

We understand that it is a huge task for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to digest the information that we published over the past year, much less put it into action to help their company. Everyone means well, but time just seems to evaporate and the year runs out. It is a viscous cycle that can only be broken if management takes a few steps back to ponder how best to improve their business. Ultimately, this leadership action will save them time and increase profitability.

We are seeing the results from VARs who have taken the time to fix just one thing right. When they see and feel the actual results, only then they are motivated to do the second step and so on. It is truly a journey that starts with the first step.

In the big picture, it does not really matter to us if you choose to leverage the advice, tools and services that we offer to help you to streamline, manage and market your business better. You are the one who stands to gain the most from the process! Our global mission is simply to help the channel to become bigger, better and stronger. Our hope is to help all those who would like to help themselves to build a better business.

We know that VAR Office Suite is a great resource for any VAR, MSP or ITSP looking for help. We also know that it not easy to adapt any business to meet the challenges of the future. We understand that people do not like change and many prefer to keep things the way it is. However, we all are seeing the big changes happening every day and the way in which end-users are “consuming” technology. Regardless of how much we choose to ignore, deep down, we know that we must adapt the way in which we do business to meet the evolving needs of our customers. If we fail to do this, we risk becoming marginalized in the next generation of the channel.

We believe that this is the most exciting time in the IT industry because we are seeing the results from VARs, MSPs and ITSPs who embrace the new ways of the channel and do whatever it takes to claim their piece of the pie. The opportunity is huge for those who get it and adapt. Today, VARs, MSPs and ITSPs can offer their clients more technology solutions that ever before without the risks or investments required in the past. With a properly streamlined, managed and marketed business, you can win big.

I can tell you that our 30 + partners of VAR Office Suite are doing their part to help the channel leverage their tools or services to build a better business. They each hold one piece of the puzzle but collectively they do have the whole answer. That said, we are always improving and adding new partners with amazing solutions. Most of these improvements are coming from the channel as they guide us with their feedback.

We have built the resource so now it is your turn to use it to help your business. It does not even matter if you use any tool or service from VAR Office Suite so long as you use something that you feel will get you the results you need. The resource is there for you to use, if you need help.

Why not take the test over the Holidays? Find out your strengths and weaknesses and plan a course to improve your business. Try not to get overwhelmed, thinking you need to do everything at once.  Just start with one thing, regardless of how small. This may just be one of the best things that you can do for you business in the New Year. More importantly, it will give you back control of your time and life so you can do all of the important things that makes you happy. You may even generate more money in the process.

Happy Holidays and we wish you a Truly Happy and Prosperous New Year!