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Three speakers that may change your life or at least, make you more money

We always try to find speakers with relevant content that will deliver outstanding value to our audience. At this upcoming channel conference on June 21-22 in Hinckley Island, I think we will over-deliver on that promise.

Molly Harvey is a best-selling author of 8 books, with 21+ years experience of engaging people, companies and communities. She speaks to corporations around the world such as Bank of America, 3M and Santander together with over 500 other leading organisations worldwide. A key part of Molly’s experience is the ability to question and provoke audiences to think differently about the way they work and live. Molly will be doing a keynote on “Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership”.

Serena Humphrey helps business owners get radical financial results that will change their lives. In the past 15 years she had worked with over 220 companies to do just that.  She is a regular finance columnist for the Nottingham Business Post and a prolific finance blogger, writing for her website and a number of business websites and publications. She is CMI approved lecturer for the management training company CMBD where she delivers the Level 7 finance course. Serena will be talking about “Achieving Radical Financial Results in your business”.

Adrian Barnard founded the award-winning ICT company Modern Communications, which he sold in 2014 to embark on his next enterprising venture – founder and managing director of Prime Networks. He is now the CEO of the UK’s leading Independent IT Hardware Supplier with over 23 years in business supporting UK’s ICT Resellers. He will be our guest interview at Dinner and maybe have some interesting insights on “Brexit” – bring your questions!

Come meet and listen to these 3 fantastic speakers plus about dozen other channel leaders and business experts!