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The pleasures of traveling in Germany…205 on the Autobahn

As I reached 199, I just wanted to go over 200, then I found a little more juice and tapped out at 205. One word “awesome”. I never get tired of driving on the Autobahn.  I know that this is normal for many German drivers, but for us in North America, we get ticketed if we top 120. Yes, we are a little jealous!  And no, I did not take this picture while I was driving as you will notice both of my hands on the steering wheel :o).

I hopped over to Germany after our Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies Awards ceremony and VARTrends – MSPTrends conference to visit a company that may have the best kept secret when it comes to data security. In the coming year, I will be showcasing a lot more about this company called G Data.

If you want to work with one of the very best IT Security solutions to protect your clients, then take this company for a free test drive. And, please let me know what you think. One thing I can tell you that you are probably not aware of is that if you ever meet the people in this company and experience how they work, then you will be impressed.

Here are a few more highlights of the few German pleasures that I enjoyed…

Had some of the World’s best beers as well as a few more from the brew master at G-Data. They make their own beer (and wine) and they were really good! They have their own pub café on premises called “The Trojan Horse”. The only thing that could top this is their in-house chef that prepares healthy, organic and tasty food every day for the entire staff.

Went to a few Christmas Markets and had way too many “Glühwein”. If you do not know what it is, it’s a mixture of wine and some herbs. If you drank this before then you know the bite that it has unless you get the good one. There were other concoctions that I also tried. It was good, but I will stick to beer.

If there is a real Willy Wonka chocolate factory, then it is probably in Germany.  The amount of chocolates, cookies and candies are simply astounding! I gained weight just by looking at it. The nougat and everything with marzipan are seriously addictive.

Here is the G-Data Team. Fantastic smart people who also know how to live life on top of making a solid security solution. They seem to have created a little “Shangri-La” in Bochum, Germany.

I also met a new company that we will be bringing to the World from The Netherlands called Idiligo. If you are a sales rep, then you will want one and you will want it now. You can explore for yourself by simply requesting a brief demo with Edward and his team. I will go out on a limb here and tell you that it could easily move needle up by at least 20% on your closing rates! Worth a try?

Julian Lee