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The Magic of ChannelNext East 2.0

Something magical happens when you put 8 IT business owners in a room for a MasterMind session.  While some might be competitors, over the course of 2 days, for the new ChannelNext 2.0, every one of them agreed to go all in during our sessions.  Four concurrent MasterMind groups, each facilitated by an expert on Leadership, Marketing, Sales and Best Practices were held in private suites that added to the relaxed atmosphere.  The two hour sessions flew by in no time, the attendees left wanting more!  Each day, the MasterMind group stayed together and had a different thought leader direct the peer support discussions.  The business coaches also did some deep work in their respective fields during the sessions, which combined, gave tremendous value to the group.

During the video testimonials, one participant shared that he put in place a suggestion from the MasterMind session in his business right away, and this suggestion led him to close a large deal.  Although the deep work happens inside the session, the effects of that work will be of benefit for years to come.

The question I want the attendees to ask themselves:

What did I learn that I can apply to my business and life from the two MasterMind sessions?

What will be the benefits of applying what I learned financially, and more importantly, personally?

What could I accomplish, fix and tweak in my business by investing in myself and attending a monthly MasterMind session?

ChannelNext 2.0 was a resounding success.  Attendees felt that because this event shifted the focus to helping attendees, it was refreshing, valuable and a deeply rewarding experience.  Of course, it’s not all business!  The Lion’s Den (5 minute vendor pitches voted by the audience) was not only entertaining, but a member of the audience walked away with $500 in his back pocket.  Our supper experience (steak or tuna you self-cook on a hot stone grill) was another highlight, followed by the VR Experience in the hospitality suite, organized by IT Cloud.

Some industry events feel like attending a Time Share session.  To get your reward, you have to sit through some excruciating session that can cure an insomniac within minutes.

What does it take for a Vendor to participate in a ChannelNext 2.0 event?  Datto (Best in Show award) was the perfect example.  Their MasterClass had NOTHING to do with their product/services.  We all know what they do already!  Their session was incredibly valuable information on how to organize events and webinars to attract new clients and sales.  They shared their analytics of what events have the largest ROI, and which have the least.  Interestingly enough, those that have the least ROI are the most common ones!  The power of that presentation is that it was focused on helping attendees, and not the presenters.  If I was a VAR, MSP or other IT Business owner and if I wanted to do an event with some MDF funds, there is no question that I would go with Datto, after that presentation.  More than simply thinking about events, they would also be top of mind for Disaster Recovery, since they showed that they invested in the attendees first.

If you would like to know more about participating in our Canada wide Elite 300 program, let us know.  We will setup a no obligation phone call with one of our experts to see if this is a good fit for you.

About the Elite 300 MasterMind:

The Elite 300 MasterMind is an industry first hybrid approach to combining MasterMind sessions with One-on-One coaching.  You choose your level of participation, but the foundation is the monthly virtual MasterMind session with a business coach or thought leader.  Your group of 8 members (maximum) stay together for 12 months.  You will choose the topics that are the most valuable to your group and have access to up to 6 coaches to help you solve these issues.  There will also be coach led MasterClasses that you can participate live with Q&A, or watch the replay in the Elite 300 Members area.  You will also attend the ChannelNext 2.0 Events throughout Canada.

The plane to IT Business Growth & Success is about to depart, will you board it?