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The art of Social Selling

We can all spot a blatant sales pitch on social media when we see it. It can be annoying. In a way, this post could seem like a sales pitch for a business coach Rick McCutcheon. The big difference is that it’s FREE to attend Rick’s session to get the knowledge and value, without any obligation. As a matter of fact, the food and drinks that you will consume at the conference is also FREE. And, you will also get to meet and listen to other business coaches and companies with different value-proportions during the same day. A good enough reason for you to attend ChannelNEXT on September 14th in Halifax?

If Rick fails to deliver good value, then you will not buy his services. If he provides good value and you trust him, then you may consider to buy his services. As such, he must delivery tangible value if he hopes to make any money from you.

The art of social selling is how you dance between the lines of delivering high-value content for free and getting your customers to actually buy something from you at some point. If you are too “sales-pitchy” you risk loosing the prospect. If you are too educational, your prospect may feel that they are getting the value for free, so why pay.

So far in this post, I am may not be doing a good enough job of convincing you to come see Rick, but I am trying to make a point about social selling which is what Rick will teach you (much better than I ever could) on September 14th, if you were to come see him in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

If you decide to attend his session, you will get some amazing tips that will help you to better engage and prospect for business on social media on the very next day that you get back to your office. As a matter of fact, you can actually start socializing some valuable information that you learn from the conference to your customers in realtime (this is a good social selling tip to exercise at every conference you attend)! Maybe even share a few tips from Rick’s session.

I can tell you that Rick believes that social selling is mission critical to all successful sales people. He will also show you how your sales team can feed the sales funnel every day with the proper social selling skills.  He will show you how you can and must integrate social selling into your sales process and CRM. The net result for your company could be an increase in closing rates by 28%. You can do the math of what that translates to in terms of net profits or you can ask Rick for the answer when you meet him.

In social selling, providing good information is the minimum. Providing high-value information that will eventually get your prospect to take action is the art. 

I believe that if you were to meet Rick, he will show you how to rock your sales team and growth through social selling!

Register to meet Rick at ChannelNEXT on September 14th, In Halifax Nova Scotia.

If you are not lucky enough to be in Halifax on Sept 14th, you can still contact him at www.varcoach.com or directly.