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Do People Really Change?

If the research is true, by the time you are 35 years old, 95% of who you are is set: memorized behaviors, emotions, attitudes and perceptions will run automatically, just like a computer program. This leaves 5% of your conscious mind to run against 95%. That means change will only happen if the 5% influences the 95%. In other words, to ... Read More »

6 Opinions That Matter In The Channel

The basic definition of an “opinion” is “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”. As such, you should always digest opinions and its source with a “pinch of salt”, before you follow them. One would hope that the pundits give their honest opinions based on good research data and not be biased towards ... Read More »

Channel Opportunity from Data Deposit Box

Data Deposit Box was doing back-up and recovery for a very long time from an OEM strategy. Today, they are coming out to the front lines to recruit more channel partners directly. This company is Canadian-based and offers a comprehensive BDR solution. Well worth checking them out… Watch the full interview… Read More »

Check out over 20 companies that can grow your channel business on May 16-17

There are over 4,000 vendors that we target to uncover growth opportunities for our channel partners. At every ChannelNEXT event, we only have space to showcase about 20 that we feel will deliver the best results for the VARs and MSPs who attend. We tend to mix it up with a variety of vendors in the space of Cloud, Managed ... Read More »

Can the IT channel sell more VoIP?

The short answer is yes! More businesses use VoIP for telecommunications than ever. Why not get your piece of that lucrative technology business? The bigger question is which VoIP vendors should the channel sell and why? On May 16-17, you can find the answers to these and other questions from two of the best VoIP solutions on the market. Smart ... Read More »

The most complete Office 365 partner experience

When it comes to adding the Cloud to their business model, many MSPs and VARs have a hard time figuring out how to position themselves in this new market. SherWeb’s partner program may have the answer to help VARs and MSPs become successful Cloud Resellers…Their channel program is loaded with  information and tools they need to become successful in Cloud. ... Read More »

What’s the secret to building a “recurring revenue” MSP business? Learn it on April 27th at 3PM (UK Time) from wherever you are!

You may think it will require rethinking everything you do, but you would be wrong. Successful MSPs know that it is a journey and as with every journey, it takes the first step. There are actually 5 levels of being a successful MSP! It is not easy, but it is possible! As you progress, you enhance your business accordingly, step by ... Read More »

Part 3 of 3: Are your skilled resources focusing on delivering an exceptional experience to your customers – not just a service?

In part 3, we consider the shifting customer expectations of MSPs and how you must ensure you are appropriately resourced to not just meet but exceed these. The new customer expectations As the managed services market matures, elements of service that were formerly competitive differentiators when offered by MSPs and valued as ‘nice to have’ by their clients are increasingly ... Read More »

Let’s listen to a great MSP tell their story – VBS IT Services

” Our value is helping our clients to focus their business instead of worrying about their IT problems” It is good to hear from MSPs on how they present their business to their clients. It is something that we do a lot of in our VAR MasterMind Groups. When you know how to best articulate what you do, it can help ... Read More »