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Debunking Managed Services Myths

Being a MSP is not easy nor is it impossible. When you understand the facts, it becomes much easier. You just need to find a good starting point and build from there. The goal is sustainable and predictable recurring revenue. No doubt, the transition from being a VAR to becoming an MSP or VAR/MSP hybrid can be tough. Endpoint Security ... Read More »

What’s the secret to building a “recurring revenue” MSP business? Learn it on April 27th at 3PM (UK Time) from wherever you are!

You may think it will require rethinking everything you do, but you would be wrong. Successful MSPs know that it is a journey and as with every journey, it takes the first step. There are actually 5 levels of being a successful MSP! It is not easy, but it is possible! As you progress, you enhance your business accordingly, step by ... Read More »

Scaling for growth with a NOC partner

How do you grow your business? You take on more staff so you can service more clients. How do you pay for these additional resources? You take on more clients to increase your revenues. But how do you maintain service levels to existing clients – and deliver services to the new clients while those two things are happening? A bit ... Read More »

Should MSPs outsource their NOC and Service Desk?

All MSPs (and VARs becoming MSPs) have a big decision to make. Should they build their NOC (Managed Services Team) internally or outsource? If you have already built out a NOC, you may want to reconsider if you should expand it further or outsource its expansion. Anyone who has built a NOC successfully knows that it can expensive, difficult to manage and requires an incredible amount ... Read More »

What will the channel be like in 3 to 5 years? Do you know? Are you ready for this?

I am constantly having discussions with VARs, MSPs, Vendors, Distributors and other channel professionals about the future of the channel. What will it look like? How will the channel need to adapt? Who will still be relevant? Etc… It is starting to become much clearer as to what a future channel partner may look like with more predictable and sustainable recurring revenues. ... Read More »

Taking an incremental approach to partnering for NOC and Service Desk can reduce perceived risks

I have had many conversations with MSPs who are keen to work with a partner for NOC and Service Desk delivery and who genuinely appreciate the benefits that this can bring. Having reached the logical conclusion that this is the right way forward however, some then get cold feet and we end up stuck in the contractual process. A number ... Read More »

Kelly O’Bray From LogicNow (formally GFIMax) Talks about their big announcements

The company is officially called LogicNow and that is just the beginning. In my interview with Kelly, he explained how they are leveraging big data form their massive customer base to help VARs and MSPs support their clients better. For example when their system sees a certain virus attack from a region, it will automatically notify LogicNow’s partners to be on guard. They ... Read More »