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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 2 of 12)

Step 2: Accounting

Many VARs overlook their accounting system, but this is a mission-critical part of the business. If your current system has run its course, then it’s time to upgrade. Billing for services has to be on time, accurate and accountable. Mining business data to make better decisions will grow sales. Mobility aspects are also a big time-saver for businesses. Protecting your clients’ data and other compliance regulations also need to be considered. Remember you can be liable for customer information breeches. Your accounting system should also connect with other systems to exchange vital data.

Should your system reside in the Cloud or remain in-house? New online services allow you to have the application with an actual accountant virtually managing all activities. With recurring billing of managed services that are based on consumption or SLA, it may be wise to have a system that will help you manage the process. You could add an app that will allow you to generate graphical reports that best explain your current financial situation so you can adjust your strategy. A solid accounting/ERP solution will help your business on many levels.

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