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State of the UK Channel – Interview with Alex Tatham, Managing Director Westcoast

Despite the many forces at play in the UK market – Brexit, GDPR (data compliance), consolidation etc., the UK IT channel is growing quite nicely. That said, not every channel partner is reaping the big rewards from this market growth.

The way businesses leverage technology is getting so much bigger, wider and deeper. The adoption of Cloud is the obvious game changer, but we also have AI, AR, 3D Printing, IoT, and Big Data etc, starting to take root. Looming over all this is the data security challenges plaguing businesses as well as the new European compliance laws that are coming up on May 2018.

The business opportunities that this represents to channel partners are incredible, if they know what to do!

It’s an important time for VARs and MSPs to reflect and take inventory of what they are doing today and figure out what they need to be doing tomorrow to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Channel partners should be helping their customers to navigate through the maze of digital transformation technologies that will impact their competitive advantage.

While there is significant amount of “old school” business thinking still happening today, the companies that exploit the next generation of digital transformation will become the big winners of tomorrow. If channel partners do not step up to help their customers in this transformation, then their customers will either have to do it themselves or find someone else who can.

“Channel partners that understand the best business practices of their customer better than they do, are poised to be the most successful.”

With so much disruption technology reinventing traditional business models and lowering the cost to entry, it’s really anyone’s game to win.

Listen to my candid eChannelNEWS interview with Alex Tatham, Managing Director of UK’s largest IT distributor, Westcoast as we discuss what’s happening in the UK channel. I also encourage you to learn what Westcoast is currently doing to help their channel partners grow and navigate the future.

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