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Social Media for VARs


Almost every VAR has a Linkedin account and most likely leverage the tool to connect with customers, prospects, vendors and other suppliers. Some VARs told us that about 25% of their sales leads come from hunting on Linkedin. No VAR has told us  that they actually pay to advertise on Linkedin, so the mining of clients seems to be coming from groups, referrals and other community-based activities.

While all social media networks can help you to build thought-leadership, it seems that VARs primarily use Linkedin. One of VAR Office Suite’s social media partners, Shane Gibson, helps VARs to better leverage a variety of social media tools, especially Linkedin. They offer live boot camps, one-on-one coaching as well as ongoing support.

Shane has helped one VAR to generate over 70,000 social network connections form just 80 of their invited clients at a golf tournament. You can ask Shane how he did it. For the purpose of this blog, lets say that social media is one of the growing tools that can help VARs to generate awareness and sales.

Why do some VARs generate more results than others from the same social media network? This is the question that Shane and his team have been researching. He has written a book on social media. They are truly in a position to help you leverage networks like Linkedin to increase your success.

The very first thing that you should have is a company policy to govern your employees’ postings and general behaviour on Linkedin. What they do on Linkedin can instantly have huge impact on your business. For example, what if your sales rep is courting a new prospect called ABC, and, while still in the early phase of development, they connect with someone at ABC on Linkedin. Your competitors could  see this and  connect the dots very quickly.  A vendor could see this and pass on the lead to another VAR…

What you do on Linkedin is important to your business. It is wise for you to learn the dos and don’ts of Linkedin so you can better manage the results.




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