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Sixteen Sweet Things To Rock Your UK Business To The Core On June 28!

There are lots of channel conferences to chose from in the UK… The VARTrends/MSPTrends event is the one you don’t want miss on June 28, 2017 in Milton Keynes. Why? Check out these 16 things that you will take home (yes, we will be adding more).

  1. What is the Research Data showing for the UK and European IT Channel?

As you future proof your business, which are the key trends that the research is showing? What and where is the channel selling, who they are selling to and do they think things are getting better or worse? How can you best leverage this information to grow your business and remain relevant?

2. What will be disrupting the UK Channel over the next three Years?

Will the MSP model replace VARs? Will CSPs replace MSPs? What’s happening in the North American channel that may spill over into the UK Channel? What are the most successful channel partners doing to future-proof their business and remain relevant? What’s happening with the emerging parallel channel partners disrupting the traditional channel? How can you adjust your company to be ahead of your competition? If you are in the IT Channel, then you must know what’s coming down the road, so you can plan before you are blindsided. In this session, we will discuss the “channel disrupters” and explore how to adapt your business to compete.

3. Business as Usual After Brexit?

As we enter the early stages of Brexit from the EU, how will this impact your channel business and your customers? Knowing how to best navigate this game-changing business environment will help you to exploit the emerging opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. What will the new election mean for the Brexit deal?

4. The 8 Trends that are molding the next Generation Channel

As Everything-as-a-Service and recurring revenue becomes the gold standard for measuring successful MSPs, ITSPs, VARs and CSPs, what are the trends that you want to exploit before your competition gets there first? After monitoring the channel with data from 65,000 + channel partners and 4,000 + vendors and distributors, we have compiled the top 8 trends that channel partners must leverage to remain successful and relevant.

This event is part of our global mission to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter channel. How? Please visit Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies to get more details on one of our key initiatives and mark your calendar for December 7, 2017 in London for one of the most prestigious Awards Gala for the very best managed UK VARs and MSPs!

5. What are the Implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on UK Businesses?

The GDPR has been many years in the making and it will have an enormous impact on the transfer of data between the US and EU, especially in light of the invalidation of the Safe Harbor Arrangement earlier this year. It will have substantial implications for any global company doing business in the EU. The GDPR is anticipated to go into effect in 2017. How will this impact your business?

6. Top 10 Secrets Of The Most Successful VARs and MSPs

There are about 30 moving parts to being a successful VAR/MSP/ITSP business. In this session, we will review the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs. The findings were compiled after speaking to hundreds of the most successful VARs and MSPs and you will get to learn from their collective success. You will find at least one thing of value to help you improve your business!

7. How Strong Are Your Best Business Practices

In advance of your conference attendance, we strongly advise you to take the comprehensive 200-question online assessment test to determine your strengths and weaknesses, for free at www.bestmanageditcompanies.co.uk. You will also get a report to help you benchmark your business strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss the general findings and professional business coaches give some free advice! While you are there, schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your results with one of our VARCoaches, for Free!

8. Hyperconvergence – buzzword or actual sales?

The Cloud is bringing powerful infrastructure systems that can combine and seamlessly integrate desktops, storage, networking, security and other technologies from a data centre. It is something that the industry is touting as the future of IT. We will explore the current situation and successes of this technology.

“VARTrends/MSPTrends is heavy on educational content that will move your business up and lite on vendor sales pitches!”

9. Customer Loyalty and Business Growth

Customer Loyalty is neither a vague “feel good aspiration” or an “end” in its own right, but a vital component of sustainable business success. Through design and deployment of appropriate methods, Customer Loyalty can be measured, drivers of Dissatisfaction and Satisfaction identified and programs deployed to drive required improvements over time. In this session, we will unlock the world of Customer Loyalty to accelerating growth and maintaining the competitive advantage.

10. Winning Business in 2017, Building a Sales Campaign to Deliver New Customers

We cannot hope to win business without a properly planned campaign and professional selling disciplines. I will go through the process that I have used for many years winning clients like BA, British American Tobacco, NHS. From deciding who to sell too and why. Then working with them to win their Budgets.

11. Social Selling and Customer Relationship Management

We are all on some type of social media. It is how many people learn and communicate today. How can you best integrate social media in to your sales process? In this session, we will explore how you can leverage social networks like LinkedIN to drive your sales.

12. Top 5 Must-Sell Managed Services

In this session, we will have 5 vendors do a 5-minute rapid presentation each about their specific Managed Service, followed by 30 minutes Q&A, where you can ask any question. Adding any or all of these vendors will help you to build sustainable recurring revenue.

13. Mastermind Peer-Group Session

Companies will gather in groups of 10 and will be assigned to one topic to discuss. One person from each group will present their findings. The objective of this exercise is to identify the top challenges that the channel are facing, get the feedback and input from other channel partners and stakeholders to help everyone find some realistic solutions. You may be surprised to learn how the power of a peer group can help you in ways you never imagined!

14. Selling Cloud Starting With Microsoft 365 to Azure?

With the new partner program from Microsoft, there is an easier way to selling Cloud and protecting your customers. Regardless if you are currently selling licensing or not, we will explore how you can profit from being a Microsoft partner.

15. Ready for Managed Print as-a-Service?

There is no need to keep selling printers and loosing revenue on the valuable consumables. With Managed Print, you generate significant recurring revenues from every page that your customers print. We will explore exactly how we can help you build a comprehensive and profitable recurring revenue Managed Print service for your customers.

16. Why everything you know about marketing is wrong?

Today, successful marketing revolved around social selling and your digital footprint. You need to intersect with the buyer’s journey in smart ways to persuade to do business with you. We will explore what you are currently doing and what you should be doing to win on the digital marketing battlefield.

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