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Selling Happiness

At the upcoming ChannelNEXT event on June 5-6, Marc Gordon will be speaking on selling happiness to create customer experiences that inspire loyalty and encourage referrals.

Every VAR, MSP and Vendor want to foster customer loyalty. A case can be made that customer loyalty may be the ultimate measurement in business success. How is your customer experience and loyalty? Do you even know? Time to find out? Maybe improve it?

There is a common belief that if a company strives to continually provide the highest level of satisfaction, the customer’s loyalty will increase proportionally. After all, the happier the customer, the more loyal they will be. Right?

Wrong. Your customers have a mental check list of expectations. From product quality to customer service, they know what they want. Anything less will leave them feeling let down and perhaps even angry. And anything beyond their expectations will largely go unnoticed or have little impact on their loyalty. Why? Because they don’t expect it, and thus don’t value it.

The problem for many businesses is understanding what their customers expect. After all, how can you meet expectation of you don’t know what those expectations are?

Come see how Marc will dispel the number one customer service myth that costs companies millions in resources and revenue. He will also illustrate how customer loyalty naturally exists, needing to be encouraged rather than earned. This presentation uses real world examples plus lots of stories and humor.

I am pleased to introduce Marc to our ChannelNEXT list of speakers. He can help the channel to improve their customer retention game. Ask about his full training sessions on this and other topics!

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