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Saving Sales Reps Time From Checking Price, Availability and Quoting

Sales reps spend a lot of time toggling between multiple web sites to check prices and availability on products for their clients. It is a repetitive task that must be done to build accurate quotes and orders. Then once the deal is approved, the purchasers need to do it all over again and remember from which distributors they got the price.

This process burns up valuable time that can be better spent on actual selling. The e-commerce tool of VAR Office Suite can help any rep to simply enter the product part number and see price and availability from multiple distributors in real time. The system also allows the rep to generate a quote very quickly and it remembers from which supplier the price was quoted.

This tool can save a good sales rep about 2 hours of time every day and a mountain of frustration. With more time to do better things, their happiness levels also increases. No one wants to do mundane repetitive tasks. That is what computers do.

The VAR Office Suite’s e-commerce tool does one very important task that separates it from the rest. It continually monitors the real-time connectivity from all suppliers. If any are “down” it notifies the user. This is important because your price and availability is only as accurate as the last time you checked. If the connectivity is down then your prices may be wrong.

As with all systems, it is only as strong as the weakest link. The probability of supplier XML systems being offline is significant and for a wide variety of reasons to deep to outline. Regardless of which eCommerce platform you choose to check price and availability, it should help you to save a significant amount of time as compared to checking multiple web sites.


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