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Sometimes, you just do not know where to start. You may not even know what are your strengths or weaknesses. How can you improve what you do not know? In some cases you may not even know the level of your strength in certain areas.

We created a 150-question test that you and your team can answer. When you are finished, the system will generate a color-coded graphic report showing you how you scored in each business area. If you see green, you are okay. If you see yellow, you have a lot of room for improvement. If you see red, you have some missing parts in your business.

Answer the questions truthfully as it will only generate a result based upon your input. Typically VARs gather their key employees to take the test as a group. This process will be an eye-opener. Done correctly, it will give you a basic road map into your own strengths and weaknesses. Review it and decide which areas are most important for your business to start improving.

This test is a condensed version designed for self-help purposes and it’s FREE.  If you prefer a more personal approach, our expert channel advisors can do a comprehensive on-site or remote consultation process with your team, for a fee.

You can do the improvements on your own or with any tool that you like. However, if you need some help, simply start checking off the boxes for the area(s) that you want help, in the contact form and submit.  http://www.varofficesuite.com/contact.php Once submitted, someone from each area of expertise will contact you to provide more information, book a demo, provide a quote and answer all of your questions.

FYI it takes over 25 hours just to get a basic demo of all tools! Please do NOT check off all the boxes in one go because you will be bombarded with too much information. Only request information on the tools that are most important to your business. You can resubmit for more tools as you grow.

To register and take the test: http://www.varofficesuite.com/test.php


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