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Sales Rep Vs IT Consultant

The goal is basically the same for a sales rep and an IT Consultant. It is ultimately to sell something, but the approaches are not the same. More importantly, the results can be dramatically different.

As you know, selling stuff that people ask for is the basic of all sales tasks. It is mainly about fulfilling demand that has already been created.  Almost anyone can do this job, as it is simply a matter of finding the product and quoting a price. Actually with the VAR Office Suite e-procurement tool called ibiz10, it would take seconds to do this entire task. With a good technical staff to support the sales process, it is an easy way to grow sales.

But, what happens when the sales demand is simply not there? What if you had to go out and create the demand? What if your marketing budget was zero and you had to rely on your sales reps to generate sales?

This is really what companies as well as sales reps fear because the process and skill set required is different than just taking an order.

Enter the IT Consultant!

With the right blend between a good sales rep and a professional IT Consultant, creating new sales demand is not difficult. However, becoming an IT Consultant takes deep knowledge of the end-user’s business needs. You really need to understand how your customer does business and how technology plays a role in their operations.

An IT Consultant will start by doing a business assessment of the business to uncover the risks, performance issues and opportunities where IT can give the end-user a competitive advantage.

What if we can help you convert regular sales reps into professional IT Consultants with almost no training? Impossible? Not anymore. Introducing FuseExpertise – a Cloud-based application that will guide any sales rep through the process by simply feeding the right questions for them to ask their clients. All this can be done seamlessly through any tablet as they check off the answers. Basically if your rep can ask questions, then they can use this tool.

Once all of the questions have been answered, the system takes over and generates a report to outline the risks and potential opportunities for improvement. Your sales rep simply presents the report back to the client to start the conversation.

“Here are the risks and issues that we found in our assessment of your company as it relates to IT.  Would you like us to present a solution and budget to fix them?”

Most companies will act when confronted with a professional assessment that outlines their business risks and opportunities to improve. This will motivate the end-user to spend more as the issue of price becomes less important.

The next step is basically the technical implementation of the solutions to fix the problems – something that company already does very well. Once completed you can explore other tools from VAR Office Suite that takes this to the next level to implement a wide variety of managed services to entrench your relationship even deeper with your client and generate more recurring revenues.

IT Consultants also get paid for their assessments or consultation fees. Typically end-users do not pay for the time of a sales rep. Not only do IT Consultants get paid for their pre-sale time, but they also yield a larger sale at a higher margin!

Would you prefer to have Sales Reps or IT Sales Consultants working for you?

This tool will help just about any sales rep to become a professional IT Consultant. To learn more or to see a demo please contact VAR Office Suite.