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Rupert Collier from Paessler in the NEWS

Paessler is a single product company that started in 1997 and grown to over 160 people, located all around the globe.  Their solution provides IT administrators with the tools they need to monitor and maintain up-time.  It appeals to lots of different types of resellers, MSPs and smaller VARs.  The solution has a very intuitive interface, like a “consumer-style” for an enterprise audience.

Paessler is mainly a network monitoring solution covering a huge proportion of the IT landscape. Successful partners have used PRTG as a base for services and time. MSPs can easily leverage a very cost-effective software and upgrade as their business grows. With becoming experts in remote monitoring, MSPs can become a huge critical part of their customers business.

During his full presentation, Rupert showed how MSPs are using the tool to effectively monitor a wide variety of devices, solve their clients’ problems and make money. I also saw huge potential for MSPs to build comprehensive solutions and valuable Intellectual Property around Paessler’s platform.

Watch the full video interview at e-ChannelNEWS and ecnTV!