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Reaching Customers where Traditional Marketing Can’t (Won’t?)

As marketers we’re on the forefront of reaching the pipeline of new customers and turning those customers into leads for our businesses. However, the pipeline is becoming more difficult to access as customers are looking to actively avoid sites that feature pitches and sponsored content. The Chrome Extension Adblock has over 40 million users and that’s just one of literally 100’s (if not 1000’s of options including Firefox) of options. With these new customers actively avoiding marketing in the traditional realm the number of users who can see your marketing is actively shrinking.

It used to be that a responsive website was the key to your success, but now everyone has one (those that don’t are consistently losing business to those that do). A great website is just the entry ticket to get into the digital game. How you reach your new and existing customers with your thought-leadership is the new battleground.

Where can you reach your new customers without fear of blocking? How do I advertise without advertising? How are you driving customers to your website? Do you have a clear and actionable path for what you want them to do once they get there? These are just some of the important questions that you must answer to be successful.

Experts agree that digital success stems from the amplification of your message and your ability to build on your message. The hub of advertising is now on social media. Everyone knows what it is and how to use the networks for personal use, but it’s leveraging these platforms to deliver quality content that differentiates you from your competition. We are expanding our digital support for the channel in many ways. Our army of independent marketing technologists offer everything from developing web sites to generating original content, building out social media networks, creating digital advertisements, search engine marketing and so on.

If there was a way that I could explain everything so you can do it yourself, I would. Even if there was a digital marketing for dummies book, it will probably not be enough. Unfortunately, this is really something that experts-in-the-know need to do for you. Especially for VARs and MSPs as this is not their core competency. There are several tools that can help you streamline the process, but you still need to be monitoring the data analytics and tweaking in real-time. You need to know where and how to reach the target clients that you want. You need to negotiate the best click-fees so you do not overpay. You need to navigate through all of the apps that block your ads. You need to constantly connect the dots so that your conversion-to-customer rates will increase.

It’s really a great time for VARs, MSPs and Vendors to leverage more digital activities to grow and future-proof their business. The opportunities are endless. I have invited one of our expert digital marketing coaches to share some of his insights at our upcoming ChannelNEXT conference. Do not miss this unique opportunity to come meet this brilliant digital marketing expert! We will also be doing several webinars on the subject. You are welcome to come learn with your peers and find your place in the digital world. If you want to be kept in the loop, join the VARCoach group on LinkedIN, subscribe to varcoach.com, or www.e-channelnews.com or any of our channel brands at www.technoplanet.com It is really easy to reach us! Ask about our digital footprint programs for VARs and MSPs.

Julian Lee