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RapidFire Tools in the NEWS

RapidFire Tools have come out with an incredible new tool called Detector SDS System. If you think of Cyber Security nowadays, 80% of what happens is internal. As you put up your outside control such as anti spam or anti virus, you need something to clean all of these up.

The Detector sits inside the firewall and looks for anomalies, changes and threats. Does a daily scan and sends that report off to the customer or yourself. It will look for things outside the norm that you have set up. It will look at human behavior and making sure we are notifying you of what is going on inside the account. Once you purchase this tool, it is unlimited, therefore you can roll it out to all of your customers.

“We have also made it easy for MSPs to go to market with this tool!”

Watch my full interview with Matthew Koenig!

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