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Powering up your sales with CRM and Social

At the recent ChannelNext conference, Rick McCutcheon presented a great session on social selling. Lots of good information about building your business ecosystem within all the social tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. It resonated well with the attending channel partners.

Resellers need to think about their own social ecosystem, whether you are in data, document management or security, etc, try to become an expert in that ecosystem and decide how to leverage the social tools so that your customers see you as an expert. This is probably the most cost effective way, especially for smaller partners.

Rick showed things that you can do on free versions of these tools to use these products strategically to energize their sales process. All sales people need to use social media properly to do their sales due diligence. It really matters today, more than ever.

Rick is offering a two-day course on social selling. It will talk about tools like CRM for businesses to build out that process. It will also be offered as an in-house program. Most partners need to have more repeatable business and the course can help them to achieve this objective as well as increase their closing percentage. See upcoming course schedule at VARMasterMind.

View video interview.

Rick Also won Best Meeting Presentation at the conference! Congratulations! Rick of a member of our VARCoach Group and you may contact him directly to help you energize your sales.