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Pick the brains of these 10 channel business experts on June 28 in Milton Keynes, UK

Imagine if you could have these ten experts for a day to give you some great advice on your business. How good is that? Now, just imagine if you could get this all for FREE…

Pick the brains of these experts to get free help for your business. Bring your questions… and take the Best Business Practice Assessment at www.bestmanageditcompanies.co.uk before you come to identify the specific needs and areas you could use some help with in your business.

“Take one day to work ON your business – instead of IN your business!” Focus on the bigger picture, away from the everyday details and distractions.

Take a look now at these 16 things that you will learn when you join us for VARTrends – MSPTrends!

And there’s a whole lot more business-building content waiting for you… Attend any of our four Bootcamps (not free) on the next day, June 29 – and bring your staff along to sharpen their skills too!

Who are these experts and how will they help me on June 28?

Alex Tatham – Distribution & Market Trends

Alex will help you to leverage your relationship with your suppliers and give you the inside scoop on the most profitable solution trends in the UK. After gaining a degree in Zoology from Durham University, Alex qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young in 1987. He has been in the UK IT Distribution channel for over 20 years and is now the Managing Director of www.westcoast.co.uk

Carl West – Market Research Data and Trends

Carl will give you all of the big and little data points on the UK and European technology market. He will help you to understand where the market is headed and the pitfalls. Carl is a Business Group Director at www.gfk.com

Neil Jeffery – Digital Marketing

The founder of www.meta-manager.co.uk, Neil will help you to win new customers with digital marketing. He brings a wealth of VAR and Technology marketing experience having worked at every level within the technology sector from Publisher/Vendor and Reseller Channel, to MSP and retail.

Paul Lloyd – Sales & Marketing

Paul is a Sales and Marketing Professional and founder of www.nonsatis.com. With a 25-year history of winning business within the ICT sector he will help you to up your sales and marketing game! Personally responsible for setting up the South East division as a member of the original management team at SCC from startup that built it into the second largest VAR in the UK with over a 100 staff and £80m Revenue.

Mark Eydman – Customer Experience & Loyalty

If you want to generate more sales from your customer base, talk to Mark! He has a BSc (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering and an MBA, and his extensive training profile includes 6 Sigma and Net Promoter System (NPS) Certification. He will help you to build a customer loyalty programme and restore any damaged customer relationships. Mark is the founder of www.sixpillarsconsulting.com.

Keith Grover – Social Selling & Content

Keith is a degree-qualified English Teacher and a Marketing Copywriter with over 25 years’ experience, both as a freelancer with London ad agencies and creating online content for businesses of all shapes and sizes. He has a Masters Degree in Information Technology from Kingston University, and is a business networking coach and mentor. As a Certified LinkedIn Trainer with Really Connect, the world’s first (and only) LinkedIn-accredited training organisation www.reallyconnect.com, Keith will help you get to grips with Social Selling to build relationships with your customers and find new prospects!

Julian Lee – Channel Development and Trends

The CEO of TechnoPlanet www.technoplanet.com for the past 25 + years, Julian knows the top secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs and understands the key channel trends that you must exploit to future-proof your business. In the IT industry since 1984, Julian has built his company primarily to help Vendors build their channel partner ecosystems. His latest mission “Best Managed IT Companies” is a programme to help channel partners to improve their best business practices and become bigger, better, and stronger in their sector. Today, his vast network spans 6 countries and includes over 65,000 VARs and MSPs as well as over 4,000 leading Vendors.


  1. Help your business by coming on June 28, 2017! Learn more and register today! Free to attend this day!
  2. Stay for the after-event reception and tour at Westcoast’s Solution Centre located about 5 minutes from the hotel. Free to attend!
  3. Stay overnight for the after-event dinner and some great social networking. Not free – see more details!
  4. Attend any of the 4 business bootcamps on the next day, June 29, 2017. Bring your staff! Not free – see more details!
  5. And there is more content being added every week so keep an eye out! Our Mastermind session exclusively for attending Vendors will help them to understand why and how their social footprint matters to their channel partners, and discover some simple improvements that will have a huge impact. We will also be discussing Best Practices for partners to extract the most value and benefits from their vendor partnerships. Visit web site.
  6. In case you are thinking that you will have to endure loads of vendor sales pitches, think again as this event is 100% educational! Need more information to decide? View the complete 13-page information kit!