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Peter Sutherland of Sherweb in the NEWS

Sherweb is a CSP provider of Microsoft cloud products. They work with thousands of smaller VARs, MSPs and resellers. They help them to transfer any existing Office 365 subscriptions that their customers have directly with Microsoft. As Microsoft is rapidly winding that program down and announced that they will not be paying any more fees to advisors as of Sept. 30th for any new subscriptions and will pay 3% manage fees for any existing subscriptions until June 30th of next year.

Office 365 has evolved and is primarily comprised of two things… Hosted Exchange for mail and the Office applications. They are developing their other applications such as Dynamics with much better integration into the Outlook client application. Microsoft now calls this “Dynamics 365” (all the cloud offerings will now be under this umbrella).

Sherweb offers the channel dedicated account executives and a very good provisioning tool. They have developed very good migration skills. They offer this at no cost so the VARs can resell this to their customers ($40-$50 a seat). They have over 60 Microsoft certified specialists to offer 7/24/365 technical support.

VARs can earn their margins in two ways:

  1. They can become an advisor for Sherweb like they did for Microsoft
  2. They can be part of the more traditional reseller programs. As volume builds, they can make better margins.

Watch the full ecnTV interview with Peter Sutherland at a recent ChannelNEXT conference!