Managing IT Assets And Renewals For Your Clients

VARs sell hardware and software every day to their clients. At this initial stage, you know exactly what the client has and where it is. You also know that it needs no updating or renewal. It is 100% in compliance. It’s new!  Then months and years go by, and more hardware and software are added at different times.  The client ... Read More »

Don’t Fight IT: Convergence of Products and Services

The big thorny question for a lot of IT companies has been whether they should define themselves as resellers or services companies. In recent years, that has been made more confusing with the emergence of managed services providers. Whenever a business gets lost, the best question to ask is, “what do my customers really want from me”. The answer is ... Read More »

Working Backwards From Your Goal To Get Ahead

It is always interesting when you sit with a group of sales people and the subject turns to sports. No matter what the sport, there is the inevitable talk of the leaders and their potential accomplishments over the course of the season. When it comes to individual athletes, the talk turns to their numbers, total goals, batting average, number of ... Read More »

VAR Office Suite Feature – Service Automation Tool

By now, all VARs are selling more services. The Professional Service Automation (PSA) tool helps VARS to manage all aspects of service including break-fix, managed services and SLA’s. It allows VARs to service more customers efficiently with more resources. It allows VARs to develop recurring and predictable revenues by charging your customers a fixed fee pre user or pre device. ... Read More »

Do VARs need an Online Facelift?

Or maybe, VARs need an entire business facelift? E-channelnews recently did a research about the web presence of more than 100 VARs. These websites were selected randomly from a database of 23,000 across North America. This research had one simple goal: to determine how “effective” the VARs’ websites are. The following criteria were established: Appearance User friendliness Content Speed Security ... Read More »

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iBiz10 Home Page

The IT market is becoming ferociously competitive and you don’t only want to meet your sales expectations but you also want to have happy customers who return to your online shop to buy more products in the future.  You have to look for the best distributor’s deals, create the best promotions, provide the most outstanding customer service and deliver the ... Read More »

Welcome To our VARCoach Blog

We believe in the channel and we want to help it to regain its status as the only relevant go-to-market strategy for all technology solutions and products. This blog is dedicated to helping VARs take back control by running their businesses better and exploiting the latest trends. Our mission is to deliver relevant information and tools to help VARs, MSPs and ... Read More »