Spotlight on Autotask’s Service Automation

VARs looking to offer managed services will benefit from a Service Automation tool. It will help you to better schedule your time and resources. It will manage every step of your service level agreements. It also manages the usual break-fix service requirements. Does every VAR need a PSA? It depends on the business model that you want to have and ... Read More »

4 Habits of Strong Leaders

A client we were working with on sales process recently asked us: “How do you know if the implementation will stick?” When you’ve worked with enough clients, the answer is easy – the biggest predictor of success for any change initiative is the strength and dedication of the organization’s leader. So what makes a strong leader? Read on… The correlation ... Read More »

Social Media for VARs

  Almost every VAR has a Linkedin account and most likely leverage the tool to connect with customers, prospects, vendors and other suppliers. Some VARs told us that about 25% of their sales leads come from hunting on Linkedin. No VAR has told us  that they actually pay to advertise on Linkedin, so the mining of clients seems to be ... Read More »

ERP And CRM Meets Mobility

HansaWorld is the first with  a full ERP and CRM system for mobile operating systems like iOS , Android, Windows 8 and others. The company believes that good tablet and mobile solutions are crucial in the fight for the ERP market, not least in relation to the next generation of users and usage trends. Internet when and where you need ... Read More »

Can you truly offer business consultation to your clients?

Being a trusted advisor can mean many things. Trust that you provide the right IT products at the right price. Trust that you will fix it if it breaks. Trust that you will support the client. This is quite different from being a trusted business advisor. How can you truly advice your client on their business needs. One of the ... Read More »

Sales Coaching

The best coached team usually wins the game. Sure, you may always find a superstar who can carry a game, but it truly takes a team to win consistently. Same is true for your VAR sales team. The web is full of sales tips and at VAR Office Suite, we offer a wide selection of solutions including online e-learning, web ... Read More »

Managing IT Assets And Renewals For Your Clients

VARs sell hardware and software every day to their clients. At this initial stage, you know exactly what the client has and where it is. You also know that it needs no updating or renewal. It is 100% in compliance. It’s new!  Then months and years go by, and more hardware and software are added at different times.  The client ... Read More »

Don’t Fight IT: Convergence of Products and Services

The big thorny question for a lot of IT companies has been whether they should define themselves as resellers or services companies. In recent years, that has been made more confusing with the emergence of managed services providers. Whenever a business gets lost, the best question to ask is, “what do my customers really want from me”. The answer is ... Read More »