Pricing Your Services Just Right

The world of managed services is quite different from traditional break-fix services. With break-fix, you want to have as many Techs billing as much hours as possible where as with managed services, you want to have as least billing hours from your Techs as possible. Once you wrap your brains around the 180 degree flip in thinking, you will be ... Read More »

Asset Tracking and Lifecycle Management Drives Revenues

We all know about basic IT asset tracking and management tools. You can even get some basic applications for free. Some software companies provide applications to track and manage their brand of software. Some software license management providers allows you to manage multiple brands of software applications for license renewals and user compliance. These tools are all work, but VARs need ... Read More »

Benchmark Your Company Against The Industry

The traditional first step is to identify a reliable source of data for your industry. The most common source for such data is IT trade associations, research firms and Government industry statistics. Most of these organizations compile various types of data based on surveys they conduct of representative businesses within the industry. While not perfect, these data offer good comparison ... Read More »

Increasing Value Will Increase Your Revenues

In today’s market doing something extra to add value is an absolute. An increasing number of resellers have discovered a simple but, effective way to increase the value of their products and increase their revenue at the same time. This new trend finds resellers bundling cloud-based video training courses in with their hardware sales.  Dirk Wittkowski, President of Tech Help ... Read More »

Build your network faster with smarter questions

Follow these three ways to improve your questioning skills: 1. Prepare and ask good questions of others. 2. Anticipate and prepare for questions. 3. Ask yourself questions. Prepare and ask good questions. Good questions will help you to better identify and target the prime prospects that you want in your network. Questions with purpose will move you faster to your ... Read More »

SEO or SEM to Generate End-User Leads?

  Most of us know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also know about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a.k.a buying ad-words from search engines like Google. What is less known is the geo-level targeting of SEM. Basically, VARS or MSPs can have their ad appear whenever the target search words are entered within a predefined region. Today you can filter your ... Read More »

Who Are the Best Sales People?

Finding a great sales person is tricky. They need to have strong technical knowledge of your industry, be personable, and be willing to report their activities back to head office. You’d like them to be terrific at hunting and prospecting for new clients, but they should also provide outstanding customer service and be excellent at cultivating client relationships. To summarize, ... Read More »

Presentation Tips

As if your plate wasn’t already full enough, you’ve been asked to prepare a presentation and worse, YOU have to present it! Maybe you’ve never done this before. Maybe you have and the thought of doing it again is something you’d rather avoid. Whether you are an experienced public speaker or a novice here are a few handy tips to ... Read More »

VAR Office Suite – ERP Highlight

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to store and manage data from every stage of business, including: Product planning, cost and development Manufacturing Marketing and sales Inventory management Shipping and payment You could say that an ERP solution encompasses an entire business. However, many VARs think of their Accounting ... Read More »