Why SMBs Need an IT Health Assessment?

Many SMBs have never had an IT assessment. They understand that large companies need to conduct periodic assessments to minimize risks, maintain security and to meet compliance regulations but they don’t feel that they have the budget or the need to conduct an assessment on their own business. This is a huge mistake for the SMB owner and a great ... Read More »

Grow the Value in Your Business

Where is your growth focus? Top line sales? Bottom line profit? What about value? We all need an Exit Strategy. We might not be working towards an Exit, but until eternal productive life is bestowed on Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, we must face up to the prospect of our business either ending or continuing without us. To carry on without ... Read More »

Millennials Are Here

Also known as Generation Y for people born somewhere between the 80’s and early 2000s. Some say that they are lazy, spoiled and entitled. While there could be some truth to this statement, I believe that it is not all true. Todd Thibodeaux, president and chief executive officer of CompTIA commented, “These are young professionals who are already out there ... Read More »

The IT and Telecommunications Worlds Collide

The IT and telecommunications industries are merging more each year and there are big profits for channel partners who get into the game sooner. We all know that most businesses operate on Internet access. Phone systems have shifted towards VOIP. The Internet pipeline has become mission critical to almost all businesses. AT&T’s Brook McCorcle, President of Emerging Business Markets, said ... Read More »

Channel Transition, Evolution or Revolution? Who Cares! How Can I Close More Deals?

At the recent CompTIA event (ChannelCON) in Phoenix, many speakers were debating what the channel is going through and its future. Regardless of how you prefer to label the term to best describe what’s happening, it is clear that it is not business as usual. It seems to us that you could easily use all the terms – transition, evolution ... Read More »

Running the Sale

I am more than sure that I am not the first to make the linkage between sports and sales and how one is greatly analogous to the other. Like most I tend to relate to it through the sport I know which is running, just like my friend who was a competitive swimmer in his youth, so he draws on ... Read More »

4 Steps to Implement Values

Part of your strategic planning process is to develop (and confirm) your company’s values statements. But after you do that, what’s next? Surely you can do more than paint them on the wall where people will ignore them until they become just part of the wallpaper. As with everything in business, the ideas are helpful, but the real work begins ... Read More »

Interview with CompTIA

Here is briefly what Nancy Hammervik from CompTIA shared with us during this interview: What is CompTIA’s mission? Our mission is genuinely to drive the IT industry forward. That means more than ever now with all the distractions and the dynamics happening in the channel with cloud, mobility, convergence and telecom. So we are there to be a resource for ... Read More »

Two fundamental tools that every VAR needs

While VAR Office Suite touts the need for over 30 tools and services to make any VAR, MSP or ITSP successful, what are the two must-have fundamental tools? First, if the VAR does not have a web presence that impresses their clients and prospects, then the damage done to the business can be significant and in many cases go unnoticed. ... Read More »

Selling IT Health Assessments to SMB

Large companies know they need an IT risk assessment to show that they are secure and to uncover any problems which expose the enterprise to risk. The large four consulting firms charge upwards of $500 per hour, and produce detailed reports summarizing their findings. The SMB has the same risk exposure – but not the budget – to warrant such ... Read More »