Personal Reflection: 6 Years of Leadership (And Still Learning!)

By Saher Ghattas Each year, I like to reflect on last year’s progress, lessons learned — and build a theme for the coming year. For me, 2020’s theme will be “Results by Design”. As I step into my sixth year as part of the Flawless Inbound leadership team, I wanted to capture my thoughts and all my lessons learned to help ... Read More »

Could this be the next generation channel community and marketplace?

Over the past 18 years, we have been building our eChannelNEWS channel community to over 65,000 VARs, MSPs, ITSPs, MSSPs and ISVs by delivering relevant news and information that can positively impact their businesses. We also have thousands of vendors, distributors and other tech journalists who subscribe. Our focus is to consistently bring important news and ideas that matter to ... Read More »

Extreme Channel Manager Business Building

For the past eight years we have been hosting a Channel Manager Summit to share insights and exchange ideas to help Channel Managers and Channel Chiefs to improve their channel game in the new year. Usually, we bolted this activity to our annual Reseller Choice and Best Managed IT Companies Awards Gala. However this year, we have spun it off ... Read More »

Happy New Decade! Happy New Year!

2020 is here and we are so excited!!! We are proud to live on the front lines of the channel everyday for the past 3 decades! The IT channel is definitely in for a bigger shake up over the next decade and we are excited to be part of this evolution. As TechnoPlanet enters its 4th decade in business, we ... Read More »

Is Confidence Overriding Expertise?

On my recent flight over from London to Toronto, I had an idea brewing so I decided to write this article. Being in London for the elections and witnessing the surprise victory while heading over to the impeachment showdown of the US President, it was clear that a lot was happening. I was wondering… how can some people believe in ... Read More »

If You Are Serious About Growing Your Small Business, You Must Read This

By Aline Ayoub Your reputation as an employer is everything. A company culture is the best prescription for your small business success.  When interviewed at the Annual Culture Conference, Edgar Schein said that he is more interested in the DNA of the culture. He explained the importance of understanding why things cannot be changed with a culture change. For example, ... Read More »

Jay McBain Discusses 2019/2020

My interview with Jay McBain was to be just a twenty minute chat about his thoughts on what happened in the channel this year and what to look forward to in 2020. It ended up being a 45 minute very interesting conversation.  Listen to it in its entirety without commercials! It is all about building a more diversified channel community ... Read More »

9 Steps to Executing a Great B2B Lead Nurturing Campaign

By Saher Ghattas Do you find too many leads disappearing without closing the deal? It could be that what you need is a more effective lead nurturing campaign. Because when someone drops out, it’s not always that they weren’t a good fit — it’s just that you didn’t approach and nurture the relationship properly. Let’s talk about how to fix ... Read More »

The Rippling Effects of Holidays Parties

By Aline Ayoub It’s that time of year where employers are planning to offer a holiday evening to their employees. You are challenged by the desire of offering a memorable party, while avoiding excesses and inappropriate behaviour. There are so many factors to consider! How to control alcohol consumption? Can recreational cannabis be banned? What to do in case of ... Read More »

8 things you should do when you win an award

From a very early age, we have learned that winning awards, however small, can mean a lot to building self esteem, pride and confidence. There is something special about when you are recognized as the best at something. In the adult world, winning awards can advance careers (including being more respected, earning more money and being promoted). Awards recognize the ... Read More »