10 Things that help the IT Channel to solve problems during this pandemic

While several front-line organizations are facing the monumental task of battling the pandemic, tens of thousands of VARs, MSPs and ITSPs are busy keeping IT systems up and running as well as helping just about every business to maintain a productive and connected workforce from their homes. They are doing all this while dealing with their own personal challenges (Keep ... Read More »

Dawn of the Digital Channel Chief

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, live events were the main go-to market activities for channel development. Starting now, Digital has become center-stage of any channel development strategy. Vendors need to transition from Road Warrior to Virtual Warrior. Every channel leader will need to rethink their digital game to ensure that it is as deep and wide as it can be. What’s ... Read More »

Stress-free tools to combat the COVID-19

By Aline Ayoub Employers should be prepared for employment-related issues and questions relating to the COVID-19. Business and social response to COVID-19 must continue to be dynamic. That being the case, it is important that employers and employees alike – be reasonably educated about the issue, – recognize the symptoms, and – take reasonable precautions to avoid unnecessary risk – ... Read More »

Keep Calm and Carry On. Go Virtual!

If there ever was a time when this saying matters most, then this is it! I have literally spent the past weeks talking with many tech industry leaders about the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on business. The words I heard most often are scary, shocking, crazy, incredible and unbelievable. On the texting side it’s OMG and WT#. “The huge ... Read More »

Unprecedented Opportunity: Bellrock Perspectives

By Tara Landes One of the most challenging elements of change management is creating urgency. If people can’t understand “why now?” and “what’s in it for me”, change efforts can slow to a crawl. Take technological change, for example. Decades ago, companies moving to computerized accounting would run manual processes in parallel with their new software systems. Instead of the ... Read More »

Plan B for MSPs and VARs

By Julian Lee Starting with some good news… MSPs should be able to gain a lot of sales traction on a variety of managed services and everything to do with remote working. This will accelerate in demand for most end customers. A good time to make the case for remote management of everything. That said, MSPs should be well prepared ... Read More »

Time for Plan B for Tech Vendors

By Julian Lee It’s clear that as the situation worsens, all companies will continue to restrict travel for all staff. The ripple effect of Coronavirus will go far beyond the obvious short-term things like live events being cancelled or postponed. This may just be the tip of the iceberg! The bigger question is what will be the longer term impact ... Read More »

HR Tool-box to Grow Your Small Business

By Aline Ayoub Success does not come knocking at your door. In fact, you need to build that door. In this article, we will help you with identifying the tools you need. Here is what you need in your tool box: a sharpened pencil in order to establish your name on the street, which is your reputation, your culture;add a ... Read More »

Preparing for the Impact of the Coronavirus in the IT Channel

News media and the Internet are on fire with the coronavirus. It’s disrupting lives and businesses around the world. Over 50 countries are already infected. The number of infected people are raising. A sad and growing tragedy of thousands already dead. Tourism is way down. Large technology events and other public gatherings are being cancelled. Stock markets are down. Supply ... Read More »

What happened at the 2020 Channel Manager Summit?

Every channel leader wants to stay on top of their game. At our recent annual 2020 Channel Manager Summit, vendors got a solid variety of thought-provoking 7-part content to help them do exactly this. It’s one of those things that you simply had to be there to get it all. 1. Just the facts: Tim Brunt, IDC Device growth is ... Read More »