Business New Year’s Resolutions for VAR’s and MSP’s

Looking for New Year’s resolutions that are easier to keep than, say, losing weight or kicking a bad habit you’ve had for 10 years? Turn to your business. No business, or business owner, is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. The New Year is a great time to carry out new strategies, fuel growth and make changes for ... Read More »

10 “to-do’s” for vendors looking to improve their channel partner game in 2017

How was your channel partner business in 2016? What will you do to grow your channel business in 2017? Depending on how you answer the first question will determine your need and urgency to answer the second! “Good Channel Reps react promptly to their partners’ needs. Better Channel Reps anticipate and proactively support their partners’ needs. The Best Channel Reps ... Read More »

What will you do to improve your business in 2017?

It is so much easier to ignore change and keep the status quo. Many people find it difficult to even consider changing old habits. Why bother improving? How can I improve? What’s in it for me? Our minds get swamped with all of the negative stuff and it dampens the positive. If we do nothing, then what happens? The end ... Read More »

The Art Of Business Gift Giving This Holiday Season

Do you send gifts to your clients? Randal Wark, Co-Founder of VARMasterMind, makes a few interesting suggestions on the art of B2B gift-giving. Watch his video. He highlighted a few exerts from the book “Giftology” on giving gifts randomly in business. For example, sending a gift to a prospect after you lost the sale can send a message to the ... Read More »

Bluestar Helps Their VARs Go To “Rehab”

At Bluestar’s recent Solutions Tour in Montreal, Vendors and VARs were treated to a tribute to the late British R&B Jazz Queen Amy Winehouse by Andréa Blaze and The Maz Band. I am not sure of the underlying message of featuring Amy Winehouse, but maybe Bluestar wanted to subliminally encourage some of their VARs to go to Rehab (for business), ... Read More »

It’s your turn to VOTE for your favorite vendors and distributors (serving the Canadian Channel) to tell them what you really think!

Your vote really does count. The vendors and distributors with the most votes win. Period! Every vote truly matters as sometimes the difference between rankings is just a few votes! Over 500 Vendors and distributors are already nominated in over 90 categories! Vote in as many categories as you wish! If you do not see your favorite company on the ... Read More »

Dan Bowman of Carbonite in the NEWS

Carbonite provides a backup and cloud disaster recovery solution. What makes Carbonite different is that the data is encrypted before it leaves the device as well as one price, one sku offering. It makes it simple to understand, deploy and manage on an ongoing basis. Recently they launched their E2 appliance of up to 2 Terabytes, focusing on small business space. ... Read More »

Doing ERP Right

So you’ve decided to replace your Enterprise Resource Planning solution. I’m sure you’re aware of the poor record for success in these implementations – the majority tend to be over-budget, past due on their intended timelines, and not offering the intended deliverables. Check here for an example of industry research backing this up. So how can you maximize your chances ... Read More »

Is the telephone dead?

If you were told that you will save $50 per month by removing the function to make and receive voice calls from all your phones, would you do it? What if you only did very few calls every month? Could you actually live without making or receiving any phone calls? I would guess for the vast majority of people, the ... Read More »

What if you could increase your sales by 50%, motivate and attract the best employees and build a bigger, better and stronger company?

What if you could achieve most of this on your own with just a simple road map. The first question that you must answer truthfully is… “What are my actual business strengths and weaknesses?” If you already know the answer, then you should be able to figure out the road map to improve your business. If you do not know ... Read More »