What if you could increase your sales by 50%, motivate and attract the best employees and build a bigger, better and stronger company?

What if you could achieve most of this on your own with just a simple road map. The first question that you must answer truthfully is… “What are my actual business strengths and weaknesses?” If you already know the answer, then you should be able to figure out the road map to improve your business. If you do not know ... Read More »

Matt Scully of Datto in the NEWS

“Datto provides business continuity solutions and total data protection for businesses of any size. Today, we protect livelihoods and people’s businesses. Anti-Virus Data Security is simply not enough. You need to have a proper backup and recovery solution where you can go back to a specific time when you had all your files and applications working properly. This is what Datto ... Read More »

Remembering 50,000 Canadian Soldiers who went to Folkestone UK

While I was in the UK earlier this year, I visited Folkestone and learned about the 50,000 Canadians who came there to join the forces. Here are a few excerpts I found about their story from Michael George… (I took this picture as it was the first time I discovered the Canadian story. I also took the picture above of ... Read More »

Peter Sutherland of Sherweb in the NEWS

Sherweb is a CSP provider of Microsoft cloud products. They work with thousands of smaller VARs, MSPs and resellers. They help them to transfer any existing Office 365 subscriptions that their customers have directly with Microsoft. As Microsoft is rapidly winding that program down and announced that they will not be paying any more fees to advisors as of Sept. 30th for ... Read More »

Ammanuel Abebe of Autotask in the NEWS

Autotask wants to be the one-stop shop for the MSPs, a unified single sign-on platform with an RMM solution, file sync and share, now backup and integration with Microsoft as well. They help MSPs out through educational webinars, reports and data points about best practices for MSPs. It’s also great to see the younger generation like Ammanuel entering the IT ... Read More »

Giselle Delmas of Fujitsu in the NEWS

Fujitsu Scanning and Imaging products help companies reduce their paper pains by taking in those documents and digitizing them. Fujitsu is huge in the fields of medical, legal and education. The market also includes Government, insurance, dental and many more! Where there is a lot of paper, there is the potential for document management. Out of the gate, Fujitsu provides a ... Read More »

Mark Baird of Storagecraft in the NEWS

With the recent investment of a couple hundred million dollars and new leadership (coming from Sonicwall), you should expect to see some big things come from StorageCraft. Looks like some of these changes are already starting… “The new leadership has changed the way we go to business and how we are partnering within the channel. Some of the new things we ... Read More »

Rippy Sekhon of Sophos in the NEWS

Sophos is a network security vendor protecting all systems, covering end to end solutions, offering a holistic security system where your network protection layer and your endpoint protection layer are coming together. Their latest Intercept X solution offers something called immediate isolation, identification and remediation so you do not have to run around trying to find and to pull out ... Read More »

Road to a Successful Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

What is Digital Transformation and how does a CIO/CTO get his/her Organization to embrace change?  This is a question many C-Suite Execs worry about day in and day out.  “I know the Enterprise needs to change and come into the new generation of Cloud, and away from manual process, but what can I do to spear head that change?”. Coming ... Read More »

Chris Groot of Solarwinds MSP in the NEWS

At a recent ChannelNEXT in Vancouver, I had a chance to interview Chris Groot whose mission is to grow SolarwindsMSP’s Backup Disaster Recovery business. “Solarwinds MSP offers a toolkit for MSPs that they need to go to market. We offer a super efficient backup and recovery platform for Linux, Windows and Mac environments that is very simple to use and ... Read More »