F12 Opens New State-of-the-Art IT Center in Markham and KAPOW! Batman Shows Up

It’s a beautiful facility. “We are in the business of making our clients’ lives easier. We take on the headaches of technology so our clients can focus on their business” commented Doron Kaminski, Managing Partner, F12.net. The company started back in 1992 as a one-man operation. It just goes to show how far a channel partner can grow to become ... Read More »

What’s the Future of the IT Channel?

It’s a question that most people working the channel have a passionate opinion about. After digesting all points of views and adding my perspectives from working in the frontlines every day, here is what I see on the future of the IT Channel… It’s estimated that in the World, there are roughly about half a million companies that in one ... Read More »

The British IT Channel Convenes on December 7 in London

If you are in the UK, then mark your calendar for December 7, 2017. It’s a date to meet great people of like-minds, grow your business and have a little fun! It’s where the North American channel meets the UK! It may be one of the best opportunities to wrap up the year with the right dose of reflection, fresh ... Read More »

If You are Ready, Just Say: Beam Me Up, ChannelNEXT!

Whether you are rich or poor, the one thing everyone has in equal amounts is: TIME If you want to get from Toronto to Vancouver, you have a few choices. The cheapest method is to walk which will take you 808 hours. You can drive the 4,400 KM which will be 41 hours non-stop. Most would opt to fly the ... Read More »