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New social selling course exclusively for VARs and MSPs

Every VAR and MSP wants to sell more. The question is how to sell more! A new training session is now available on sales, designed to help VARs and MSPs become amazing at selling, by transitioning their sales team to the new model of social selling. It is a two-day course. See VARMasterMind for upcoming schedule of courses in your area.

“We also offer the same course in private for up to 10 people. We will discuss sales processes and how your sales team can use a CRM effectively. We will show ways in which you can tweak the sales process and trigger your growth. Like hockey, we need to focus not on where the puck is, but where it is going.” said , Randal Wark, VARmasterMind.

This course is targeted to sales people as well as marketing people, as both groups are connected. If you could increase your business by 30%, how much is this worth?

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Randal Wark wins Best Keynote Presentation at ChannelNEXT Halifax.