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My “MUST-DO” list for Q1, 2017

I start each year by building simple must do, should do, could do and will not do lists. These lists help me to prioritize, focus and remind me what I should not do. We will definitely be doing some big things to help the IT Channel in 2017.

A partial list of my MUST-DO Q1 2017:

  1. Prepare for three big channel activities on February 2: Channel Manager Summit, Reseller Choice Awards and 50 Best Managed IT Companies Awards (It’s a big day for us as it’s where the leaders in the Canadian IT Industry come together to learn, network and celebrate). Reserve your seat to attend!
  2. Launch COPA’s (Canadian Office Products Association) benefits packages to the IT Channel to help them save on many basic business expenses (For a reduced annual membership fee for the TechnoPlanet community, VARs and MSPs will get big cost savings on a wide variety of business expenses). We will be adding a lot more group benefits to this program in 2017.
  3. Promote 4 big profit-generating channel-friendly solutions to the IT Channel including VoIP, Managed Print, Document Management and Data Center Services (This year we will be widening the Managed Business Services that VARs and MSPs can offer).
  4. Continue to get more channel partners to take a free assessment on their best business practices so they can build their companies bigger, better and stronger (In specific, continue to help the bottom 90% of our vendors’ channel partners to grow sales).
  5. Launch a new e-newsletter platform with ready-made original content and automated postings to social media (This is a game-changer for helping VARs and MSPs to build newsletters with point and click ease for adding content).
  6. Prepare for our VARTrends/MSPTrends event in March for UK with new exciting partners and content.
  7. Introduce more business automation tools for the VARs and MSPs (including Website-as-a-Service, an ERP with RMM auto-mediation NOC Service, full ticketing and auto-billing).
  8. Expand the series of live business educational sessions to help VARs and MSPs to improve their team (Social Selling, Digital Marketing, Transition Path, Traction Path, Growth Path and Optimization Path).

If you see an opportunity for your company, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I also build MY SHOULD-DO, COULD DO and WILL NOT DO LISTS, but will not make them public :o)