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Microsoft’s Satya Nadella talks Digital Transformation at WPC in Toronto


Microsoft’s WPC conference kicked off in Toronto with Satya Nadella’s opening message “Businesses desire to use digital technology to predict outcomes, empower their employees and transform their products”. Companies are currently building digital technologies of their own to transform in the digital era.

IT represents 5 % of GDP and growing at 8%. Wherever there is operating expenses there are big opportunities for automation. Helping businesses to manage cost-of-goods-sold is a big growth opportunity for the channel. The digital transformation is about creating more personal computing, reinventing business productivity and building an intelligent Cloud platform.

Reinventing productivity and business processes to find ways to seamlessly connect business applications, collaboration platforms and social networking. Moving to the Cloud brings rich big data to everyone. Dynamics has moved to the Cloud like Office 365 to allow access to your data everywhere and anytime. AppSource is one way for the channel to tailor solutions for specific business needs. Building the “last mile” of the customer experience should now be easier to help your customers in their digital transformation outcomes.

Microsoft Flow tool helps to automate processes by triggering several related actions in real-time. It also monitors current activities, feedback and KPI’s. Partners can develop solutions to help their clients leverage big data and take actions like never before.

It will be easier to build an intelligent Cloud platform that use “bots” to help computers communicate with people and facilitate human tasks with multiple systems. Building out applications on a Cloud platform has never been easier.

The path to every company becoming a digital company is well on the way. General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, talked about their digital transformation. He said, “If you want to stay around in business you need to innovate. To be a better company for the future, GE decided to invest in developing their digital transformation”.


To achieve this Jeff Immelt had to do a few things at GE:

  1. Talent – He had to go outside of the company to find the people and skills required to drive the transformation.
  2. Change the way GE worked inside the company by taking out layers of management to increase speed through automation.
  3. Investment in technology to have their own platform to build the predictive outcomes.
  4. Sales team had to be changed to help customers talk about outcomes.

The future of a multinational company is globalization but by building around localization to become part of the local communities and economy. The industrial Internet is being embraced deeply by companies like GE to facilitate this vision.

Immelt commented, “You must change to embrace the digital transformation in your company. In the past it was all about outsourcing everything. Today, you cannot simply outsource all of your technology. You must invest and build. The CIO role will change from a staff function to business operations and productivity. The future success belongs to those who digitizes the fastest”.

Connotative APIs will help developers to develop solutions that are smarter with human interactions and provide more accurate predictions. McDonalds leveraged this technology with an application for their drive-thru that will automatically transfer the spoken order by customer into a real-time script as well as insert order right into the order system.


The last piece of technology that Micorsoft showcased was HoloLens. Its mixed reality helps to train employees more effectively. Using 3D holograms the employee can see how things work while still engaging with your work. Allows employees to learn anywhere and you can interact with the device in ways not possible before. This market is wide open for channel partners.

3d leanring

Satya Nadella wrapped up his keynote with a message to their channel partners “The impact that our channel partners are having around the world will have profound human and economical outcomes. The innovations are incredible as they make a real difference in the World”.




Julian Lee