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Martin Lefebvre of Datto in the NEWS

Datto recently launched the Siris 3 line of products which has improved software and hardware with a 5 year warranty. Some of their new services include the infinite cloud retention which allows customers to have the cloud storage dating back to the very first image base backup that they do.

Datto solution by default will take an image base backup every 15 minutes and as often as every 5 minutes. It allows the reseller to contact the 24-hour support team to roll back to the latest non-infected version of the backup to quickly restore and get the backup running, independently from other users on the network.

“Datto has a team in Canada that is ready to do demos to end-users with both the reseller and prospective clients, through quarterly webinars with a unique url for resellers to invite their own clients under their own name. That provides the education piece to facilitate the sale to the end-user.”

Watch video interview here